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Kitty Tattoos

By Ryoun-Atsumi
A girl (Woman, actually, but girl sounds more familiar) over in Subeta put out a plea; she was looking for a new tattoo, that had a black cat and a Yin-yang symbol. I tried to be clever and make them easily uploadable/downloadable via Photobucket, but that worked out horribly. So I'm doing it the way I really wanted to in the first place.

._. Not the best, my hand is so darn shaky. I had to white-out and re-black quite a few times. But these are eight I've come up with. Not too bad.
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FishingJB's avatar
would you mind if i converted these to custom tattoos for The Sims 3? with credit  of course :)
TechnoShadowBlood's avatar
omg I was just drawing cats with yin yang symbols and saw your picture. I guess I'm not alone!
simplysyd's avatar
Those are great designs! I especially love that you use 69 yin yangs, instead of 96. Great work! =^_^=<3
1-Itachi-Uchiha-1's avatar
I've been wanting a tattoo of a black cat, think i could bother you for one?
Lady-Willow-River's avatar
Top right is my favorite. I don't really care for tattoos on my own person, but think they're beautiful when others get them. but if I were to get a cat tattoo, I would use the top right, or something very similar. it's gorgeous and accurately depicts a real honest to goodness cat personality! Love these!
freaksneedlove2's avatar
these are absolutley amazing! i've been looking for a cat tattoo design for a long time, and these are some of the best i've seen.
KayannSheridan's avatar
Hiya! I'm planning on geting black cat tattoo. If I decide to, may i use one of these. the only changes i would make is to make the ying-yang into a pentacle. Hit me up ^^ Thanx!
FullMetalMono's avatar
Hello there! :D

I've been looking for a cat tattoo to honour my baby, and although you've seemed very surprised that people would want to use your designs, when I saw these I knew I'd found exactly what I was looking for.

I'd be honoured if you let me use one of your designs. Of course I would credit you and link back to this image when I uploaded the photo.

May I?
Ryoun-Atsumi's avatar
As much as I was, and still am surprised that people like my designs, I did design them to use.
And with your polite inquiry and explanation, I can hardly say no. Do go ahead, I myself have yet to find something that says "This is me" but since you have, I'll certainly not bar your way.
I've been advised that some of the gaps between the black and "white" (Skin) are too thin, and ink would bleed and blur the lines. But the tattoo artist you go to should be able to correct these.

And do please link me to the photo; I would love to see which one you get, and how it turns out.
And my eternal thanks for having asked me first. I do appreciate that kindness.
FullMetalMono's avatar
:D Thank you very much! When I get it done I'll link you, certainly.
yaziyaari's avatar
i love this, i have been considering using a yin and yang symbole or at least getting the tat of something like it but i'm still deciding
b13edtm's avatar
wow i absolutely love these. i'm looking for a "cattoo" if you would lol and these have sparked some great inspiration :D
kawkun's avatar
I liked them!
Nice work! *o*
Ryoun-Atsumi's avatar
:excited: You do, really? That's some compliment, coming from you. Thankyou!
kawkun's avatar
im serious!
they are all really pretty~
My faves are the top-right one, and the left one on the middle row~
Lemting's avatar
i might use this design for a tattoo of my 18th bday. would that be okay if i send you a picture to let you know how it turns out?

only use of your permission though!
Ryoun-Atsumi's avatar
Uhm, sure, if you feel my designs good enough to use. If you do upload a picture to Deviantart then I can only ask you link to my deviation here. Other than that, knock yourself out! :blush: I'm flattered you like my designs enough to want to use one of them
Lemting's avatar
of course!! i love them. perfect for me.
just wanted to have your permission though cause of laws etc. =] thankyouuu and i will link back to you =]

take care
FreddyGirl's avatar
Emz Emz Emz *puppydog eyes* if I can ever afford to get a tattoo done could I use one of these, they're brilliant!like the top right one, and the nose balancey one, and the one with the eyes opposite the nose balancey one lol

Ryoun-Atsumi's avatar
Srysly gais! There are ones I just threw together. I PUT SO LITTLE EFFORT INTO THEM IT AIN'T FUNNY :cries: Wry does noone love the things I put so much effort into?!
That aside, yeah, go ahead hun. I made these to be used, so I'd be honoured if you would.
How are you, BTW? Katie said you got Glandular Fever (Inevitable) I MISS JOO! And I hate MDs. Kinda. Ahaha, a nine hour shift and an 8 hour shift, two day in a row (Yesterday was 5am-2pm, today was 6am-2pm) FUN TIEMS, YAY! :faint:
FreddyGirl's avatar
I love the things you put effort into? But man you know I was born to be a crazy cat lady, me and Megan are gonna have like 20 XD
And I tis ok ish, no glandular fever, but rushed to the after hours surgery for my shiny brand :new: case of asthma (woo..) been coughing my head off for a couple weeks now cos of it.. on the upside, the inhaler is making me somewhat better, and I almost have a job yay, on job experience yesterday and today they're hiring me cos I wasn't a total retard w00t, I'ma be full time maccas staff lol, ooh and I'm officially shifting house on saturday :halfliquid: msn me!!
Ryoun-Atsumi's avatar
I'm pretty sure I was, too. I love me my cats. We can liek, coo over eachother's kitten, and bring them over for playdates! :D That would be awesome
Eeech, asthma. I had a case as a kid, not at all nice :shakehead:
:D You and Megan gonna be working together? Lawl, we can get together on off days and bitch about MDs! If our schedules let us get together =w=
O_O Shifting house? Where? To like, Megan's? Like, out of Cavendish road? WHO AM I GOING TO WAVE WHEN I GO PAST, NOW?! I always waved at you place and said "HI FRED!" when I went past. Even though you may not have been there, or even herd me. It's the thought that counts.
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