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I've been holding this back for about a month, lol. It wasn't easy. :XD: But it's actually a birthday gift for my good buddy ~ChrisLocksArt Now that he got his print, i don't have to keep it a secret anymore, lol. I became obsessed with listening to the Wicked soundtrack and then i found the entire Original Broadway Musical on YouTube and watched it. :XD: So now i know how it goes. Maybe i'll go see if for real someday. But it inspired me to draw Elphaba and Glinda and i know Chris loves Wicked too. :aww: So if you aren't familiar with Wicked, check it out cause it rocks! And Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

Wicked © Winnie Holzman
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Awesome! I love the colors :D
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KalahariMeerkatfanHobbyist General Artist
I read some of it and I find it very interesting and quite...different from the main stories there are
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cuppycake97Hobbyist Digital Artist
flippin' sweet!
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Okay, tell me if I'm doing this right or wrong. I've got a pair of albums to try to sum up these two personalities. Galinda would get Cyndi Lauper's "She's so Unusual". [link] Elphaba on the other hand would get "The Velvet Underground and Nico". [link] I'm not sure if I did that right, but these mainly reflect where these albums went. "She's so Unusual" was declared platinum six times, and spun off four Top Ten hits (a fifth song even went into the Top 40). "The Velvet Underground and Nico" on the other hand took over a decade to even crack six figures (one tenth of platinum) yet it's remembered as one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time.
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RyouGirlProfessional Digital Artist
I guess that would sum it up!
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Oh, and for "The Velvet Underground and Nico", I'd have to take out Venus in Furs, Run Run Run, and The Black Angel's Death Song to make it about the same length as "She's so Unusual".
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tmduran94Hobbyist General Artist
My sister and I think this is totally awesome and BADA**!
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RyouGirlProfessional Digital Artist
Well thank you! :aww:
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I LOVE Elphaba's facial expression!
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girloncanvasProfessional Interface Designer
Hi I am wondering if you are interesting in your artwork being featured on a Wicked-related post on my blog? It will include your work and link to this page. I will be posting it on Saturday October 1, 2011. If you have any objections to this please let me know in advance. Thank you!!
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RyouGirlProfessional Digital Artist
By all means, with a link, you are more than welcome to use my artwork! Thank you for asking in advance. :aww:
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girloncanvasProfessional Interface Designer
thank YOU very much :) I have posted the entry over at girloncanvas.com! :-D
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soulgatherer666Student Filmographer
love it love it LOVE IT I LOVE YOU
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InoxsaasHobbyist General Artist
Wait a minute you found the musical on youtube? Where I've been searching up and down for it and can't find it. T.T In any case awesome picture! I loves it! ^0^
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RyouGirlProfessional Digital Artist
It was a while back. From what i can tell it's long since been removed. :XD:
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InoxsaasHobbyist General Artist
Thats sad... T.T
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SatyrLoverHobbyist General Artist
Stunning, simply stunning
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Love the details you've put into their clothes :) Glinda's right hand is a little wonky looking, though.. a smidge too long I think
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KaiwaiiKilala77Hobbyist Writer
Wow, they both look awesome.
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sadiepupHobbyist General Artist
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The details on Elphaba's dress are so amazing.
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Fashionista122Hobbyist Interface Designer
i love this. i've only seen the musical once, but i loved it. they should have made elphaba's dress and hair like that
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wasminaStudent Traditional Artist
I'm acually from New York so I saw it. It was the best broadway show I have ever seen in my life. You should see it some day. I love the drawing of ELphaba and Galinda.
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