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Mosque visit

In case you have to punish a woman for a misdeed, but don't want everyone in your local community to know. The busy market and mosque will mask even the loudest moan or whimper, no one will care why a small chain is hanging out of her niqab, and everything else is neatly hidden beneath her garments (of course they appear translucent for you to see through...)
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What is stuffed in her mouth?

Hmm, maybe a few sponges or balled cloth?

Shame she wasn't punished and made to clean her dirty laundry with her mouth~

Well, to be fair, she'd be at the mercy of whoever decides to stuff that in there <3

lusaphira's avatar

I love how she is. With a modest outfit, hiding her perversions.

diesel561's avatar

Extremely exotic. You are on to something my friend!

Lana59K's avatar

Would like to try this for me.

Looks realy cool with this belt.

Bettina-64's avatar

Ich würde gerne den Keuschheitsgürtel anprobieren und ... als "Frau" gefangen sein.

ottersotters's avatar

Actually Arabs are super kinky and into Falaka (foot torture)

paullanky's avatar

How truly magnificent

FallusDesign69's avatar

You can go ahead and make much more stuff like this please!

Awesome job! Makes me want to wear a burka!

I absolutely love the idea of having my captive wear a niqab and bringing her bound and gagged right out in public and nobody even realizes she's a captive. Great work!

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