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The grasp of death pulls you in slow enough to torment every moment
Yet fast enough to leave us stunned and motionless.
It clenches tightly, devouring your lungs, clasping for breath
Leaving you and everyone else around you empty.
Death is but a fantasy, and it will soon be a test of reaction
A test of human emotion that I'm doubtful I can pass.
The swamp in my eyes drained lifetimes ago
Leaving me arid, with the winds blowing in salt; a bitter flavor.
Who's body is actually more cold? Your newfound physicality
Or my shattered psyche leaving only tastes of sadness through fantasy?
I want to say I love you but I also want to say the truth
And right now the truth can only be found with the grip crushes you
Back to dust.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 2 0
Angel (Wings, Part 3)
The rushing water masks my chiming heart. 
As confession time draws close.
A waterfall without a water mark,
"No", the word I'm afraid you will scream,
Interrupting my meditation kneeling at the mountain entrance.
Your very naming is a poem.
You take my lips with yours, angelic,
Yet I taste fear in every moment,
And it is not mine.
For my own phobias are several beats behind,
Unsynchronized, an out of tune harp
Played by the wind radiating loops around around you.
Your very body is innocence.
The winding paths up here exhausted time.
Too late to explore shops and buy your love,
But late enough to dream, and each of your pure dreams
Are reverberations of glowing hope.
Hope that is reflected in between
Reality and implementation, opposite sides of the mirror
Your very mind is power.
A cultural traditional you had forgotten on your journey.
You lash out at my action you believe  a mistake.
A surge of power, masking your fearful innocence.
I still heard the melody.
I calmly sooth
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 8 2
Selfish Travels (Wings Part 2)
Lines of latitude and longitude intersecting on a map.
But you are the blank space between the lines.
Did you notice your feathers getting ripped out
When some tried to fly away with you?
Did you notice you burst through their heads, after an echo chamber of infinite silence?
A timely business form, or the last week of a relationship you formed.
Gone from your country for so long that
Foreign escorts aid your way home
And teach you your culture, a shock to us all.
Filled in space out of country, in country,
Just live underwater
With the few you left drowning in their own tears.
Notice your travels of solitary selfies and countless classes,
Learning language to meet the masses.
Hundreds of acquaintances and hundreds of ends.
But the money you spend on plane tickets can't buy you friends.
Memories shared by no one, memories no one can share.
Do I wish you the best or just wish you despair?
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 3 0
Dragon-Boy (Wings Part 1/3)
I think I finally understand now.
The winds of time blow through us,
But we had already forecasted this bitter weather.
Night after night, tears encapsulated my consciousness 
Since we flew off in opposite directions.
Our minutes flowed into months after we accepted this limitation.
My days could have been empty, shallow, and lonely,
Or honestly it could easily have been above average or great.
But I gave that time to you and you to me.
Why worry about the future when we can make plans to go on adventures
And then scrap those plans when we waste that day pressed against each other.
Our body's life energy too hot, yet empty and freezing the moment we part.
Flames pressed together, but glacial wings flapping apart
Faster and faster, moving with the clock to the future.
I think I finally understand now.
This pain and suffering shouldn't exist.
We will never grow old and ugly together,
Never watch one of us die,
Never fight, cheat or watch the love deteriorate
While it fails to cling
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 2 0
They taunt at me that I'll hurt you.
That I'm playing your heart.
"You'll break his soul in fragments
When you reach your dream and part."
They taunt at me that I don't love you
Because he never left my mind.
My feelings transcend their vision
Leaving the world blind.
I don't know what to do
Now that my love is split in two.
I could chase an impossibility,
And miss a chase to you.
His name is still etched in red
By the demons in my head
Warring with the butterflies
From every word you've said.
I rebound diagonally as I dance
Around your embrace.
Screams that we will never last
Echo when I think of his face.
They taunt at me I'm a user
That soon I'll make you cry.
They taunt at me he's an impossibility,
That I'll cling to until I die.
I don't know what to do
Now that my love is split in two.
I could chase an impossibility,
And miss a chase to you.
His name is still etched in red
By the demons in my head
Warring with the butterflies
From every word you've said.
If suddenly he loved me th
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 3 0
I trip, spilling everywhere.  
The smashing noise of my world coming apart
Is not the smashing noise of destruction, but of my wince of fear.
My hands reflexively move to my face,
And shortly after, come away red.  
Not wounded from the shattered fragments,
But wounded from the inevitable and incoming torrential rage
Of words and limbs, all remorselessly pummeling me bloody.  
That’s just the way it is.  
Never good enough, every mistake is an end of a world,
Ironic since I myself am one giant mistake.  
That’s the doctrine hurled toward me anyways,
Spiraling words and echoes never fully leaving my mind and my earlobes
No matter how much I try to get them out of my head.  
The world may be silent but that’s when the voices are loudest.  
Sometimes, they are taunts and mockery but usually
A primal scream reminding what it is I am.  
I’m pulled up somehow.
I can push it all outwards.  
Lash out back at them, and know de
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 5 2
Rose-Tainted Glasses
The pain is dull for a moment.
That in itself, alone, is a miracle.
The regret is still there, as it will lay forever.
For now, I can face it on my own.
For this brief détente between
Myself, my reflection, and you
Allows me to relax by feeling again.
I can gaze at you from a distance again,
The diamonds in your eyes shining
With the same radiance that has been returned
To the cheapened rose quartz in mine.
Your raven colored hair blows in the wind,
Layered just like wings made of petals,
A cascade of rotting cherry blossoms
Through my rose-tainted glasses.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 4 2
They say people drink to forget about the pain.
That simply couldn't be more wrong.
If only they knew.
The pain never dissipates, or fades from memory,
But when you inject the pain "killer"
The pain becomes you.
It no longer taunts and torments you,
But greets you with a handshake,
And acknowledges you as an equal
For as long as its convenient.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 10 4
What I Know For Sure
I stand readily, pen in my hand,
Thinking of you.
I check my tattoo, my hideous life story etched on to me.
I read our lines,
A story far less glorious than I ever Have seen on the grand stage of Broadway.
Our duet together is pitched, a rhythm that doesn't work
Together, but one that I've held onto nonetheless.
I want to recreate the spark I felt, no, Not a recreation but our story,
Ripped out of me and transcribed.
A vent, but a part of me nonetheless.
I write this, the vent is over,
Over it a will be.
Nonetheless, the pen levitates there unknowing.
Not the cliche "no words I know can describe my feelings",
But the cliche "I don't know where to begin."
I guess I'll start with what I know for sure,
What I know the best:
I love you.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 1 0
The Jump
I stand straight, looking down, contemplating
Every moment of my life that has led up to this.
I think about all I could've done better, and how ashamed I am
To have gotten to the point that led me onto this ride of terror.
If I am lucky, this time it will end the suffering, however momentarily.
If I am lucky, I can finally, simply be at rest.
It's been a couple of months since I last attempted this.
It may have ended in failure, but that did not stop
The constant nightmarish thoughts plaguing my conscious,
Taunting me to fall deeper into despair,
And succeeding.
I'm completely unable to recall a memory, or even a finite dream
Where I didn't fight the urge to scrape the flesh off my body.
I just want one night, one moment sitting down
To finally feel relaxed, comfortable content.
I know happiness is an unaffordable gift
But even these low goals, I'm too much of a failure to meet.
I slowly start counting down, dragging every moment : ten, nine, eight.
My body shakes uncontrollably, resi
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 4 5
Frozen Heart, Burning Soul
I thought my heart was stolen,
Let out years ago to rot in open air.
I thought I had cut it out,
But the entire time it was there.
Crystallized until the day
It was met by the flame of your stare.
Such simple kind gesture,
A smile so white,
Changed my mind for the first time
And showed a future that was bright.
You took my hand, I explored your world,
But what I found left me shaking in fright.
Round and round you spin,
Your silhouette freezes itself in my head,
Out of reach you dance until your image rots black.
Hoping you’ll eventually come back,
You broke through the ice, but ice stopped what had bled,
A reopened wound, forgotten pain pulsates again.
Dancing remorselessly, gliding on ice,
Even after forgotten years I can still be enticed.
I nearly ended your dreams,
Just by existing.
I froze up and was scared
I shouldn’t be pursuing.
The cold stormed my chest once again,
Frost shredding what it once was protecting.
Round and round you spin,
Your silhouette freezes itself
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 4 3
Emotional Freedom
"I’m just the boy inside the man,
Not exactly who you think I am
Trying to trace my steps back here again, so many times.
I’m just a speck inside your hand,
You came and made me who I am.
I remember where it all began, so clearly.
I feel a million miles away,
Still you connect me in your way
And you create in me
Something I would’ve never seen
When I could only see the floor,
You made my window a door.
So when they say they don’t believe,
I hope that they see you in me."
I've become somebody
No longer trapped in my own body
Or in a town we loathe
That's burdened us both.
But you're still trapped there
Thinking those who left don't care
You've turned bitter, trapped in your shell
Expecting everyone to know not all is well.
I will never be able to read your mind
But I can read you, and I don't see the kind,
Friendly, person that so many once loved
Now just a burden dragging me down to get above.
Weeks ago we were the perfect two.
Now I'm trying to forget about you
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 3 0
Be With Me
I could see you standing there, so tall.
I only want to give you more than all.
Hoping you would hear my silent call.
Be with me.
I always thought that you were beautiful
And then I met you and I loved your soul.
Now I'm standing here like such a fool.
Be with me.
Damn, I can't believe it's true.
You don't want someone with you.
But when you do,
It would fill me with joy
If you would be my boy.
Only you can make me happy.
Complete what I'm devoid of,
No more one-sided love.
Only you can do that for me.
Be with me.
I never dreamt that we would get this far.
Who else but me loves you for who you are?
If you realize that, fall into my arms.
Be with me.
But I'm awake now and I still care.
When I get lonely I only need you there.
It makes me smile when you meet my stare.
Be with me.
Damn, I can't believe it's true.
You don't want someone with you.
But when you do,
It would fill me with joy
If you would be my boy.
Only you can make me happy.
Complete what I'm devoid of,
No more one-sided lov
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 5 3
The Spit-Fire King
Bow down tainted scum.
You dare to stand before me
As if you were equal to me?
No, you speak as if you obtained
Authority over me.
Your words, your idle threats
Mean nothing before the face of me.
You will burn for your insolence,
My tongue flicking ferocious fire
Sounding like the click of a lighter.
I am not much, but in comparison
To your grotesque person
I am a god, a flame burning eternally.
Enraged, my flames drench you,
Reverberating your darkest, hideous insecurities.
Ruthless: just as any god who commands.
Like lashing lighting you are now struck down.
Wenches you are ablaze, I cherish your screams.
A punishment serving justice of the crime
Of angering the Spit-Fire King.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 1 0
Hope solutes in my eyes as reality dissolves everything.
Their light blue innocence is rotting daily
Into a putrid undesirable color.
I am unable to weep anymore,
But the drought has left me lifeless,
Barren, desolate, parched.
I walk alone. There are no thoughts that I can hear
With wind loudly taunting my ears.
The wind blows harshly in my face,
Engulfing me in an aching cold.
It hurts, but I cannot weep anymore.
The only sounds that penetrates the wind
Fiercely flapping at my face
Are two voices.
One voices my hopes, my desires,
Telling me that their is still a chance,
Buried as it may be.
The second one tells me not to get my hopes up.
Nothing will happen, it is best to move on.
It is not cruel, but gentle and kind,
Seemingly there to support me.
I've been out here way too long.
The wind is agitating my eyes.
I blink away tears formed by the wind
Brutally striking me in the face.
But for some odd reason,
They keep condensing in my eyes.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 5 3
Why weren't you there?
You’re not ignorant to my stare,
And others, to my despair,
Probably already told you how much I care.
Hope shines in my eye, when you finally show.
Days without you, I've had nowhere to go.
I try to make you laugh, but I admit it, I’m slow.
Too tense, edgy, in awe of your glow.
When I see your smile, silver and pure,
I can only imagine a potential future.
A craving before, and a withdrawing after.
Even when I don’t cause it, I love your laughter.
If I can’t make you laugh, I hope you laugh at me.
Pain and humiliation are worth that face to see.
Talk behind my back; tell me what I can’t be.
I’ll just be happy that you acknowledge me.
:iconryosukehikashu:RyosukeHikashu 10 1


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