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December 15, 2010
These boots are made... by ~ryoshi-un is definitely a beautiful piece of pixel art with very high level of details. Pixel realism at its best.
Featured by vanmall
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These boots are made...

...for walking ;D

Old one, but I still like it a lot.
One of my first experiences in realism pixeling.

Hope you like =]

- ------x-------- -- -

Hey, a DD! =D
I'm always like :la: when I get a DD, so thank you ^vanmall for the feature! =D

But this one is kind of embarassing! XD
This piece is probably 5 years old, and I was actually thinking about re-vamping it! Hahaha!
Guess that'll have to wait now, since you guys like it! =]

Thank you all for the warm comments and :+fav:s!
It's impossible for me to thank individually everyone who :+fav: this piece, but please, leave a comment, and I promise I'll reply!
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Hiya ryoshi-un. This is to let you know that I have used your boots to help illustrate my poem "Forgotten Frontiers," which appears on my blog

Thank you so much for the beautiful work. It speaks to me.
Hi Roshi-un. Love these boots. Thinking of using them in a blog I'm working on, written about a pioneer cabin by eprowe (elvis rowe, also on DeviantArt). I'm at Thanks.
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Wow extremely detailed!
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Omg they look so real *0*
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You're welcome! X3
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This is so great :D !
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F-ing awesome!

Yea baby!

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Hey, thanks!
Glad ou like it! =]
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cool :iconohseriousplz:
eu vi seu perfil. eu falo um pouco de portugues :3 ( nao tem muita importancia but... P: )
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No te preocupes, yo hablo menos español que tu portugues. 8D
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haha portuñol rules C:
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Hope that's a good frig XD
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Oh my.......

Man, really, this is insane, i'm starting in pixel art, and i really want to make this kind of master stuff.
I really need a lot of practice.... xD

Just Brilliant.
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Hahah, I'm always glad to serve as an inspiration!
Thank you very much! =]
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