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Today my beloved fiancée turns 25, and I decided I should give her a fitting present, so I bought her the complete works of HP Lovecraft, placed it inside a Necronomicon book sleeve I made out of toilet paper and carboard and put it inside a box I made with recycled wood which then pyrographed the necronomicon symbol onto, and then locked everything with chains and hid it.

Then I gave her the key and a riddle with the location.

See? Very simple.

There's more Lovecraft-related stuff at my Esty shop:…
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I'm in love with this :love:
666DarkMystery666's avatar
Definitely wouldn't mind getting one of these
KeplerNova's avatar
You are officially awesome and so is your fiancée.
tanksmallcape's avatar
You are the greatest finacee alive
kuroitenshi13's avatar
This is sooooo awesome!
lierdak's avatar
sorrowking's avatar
This is amazing
riot-wild's avatar
This is awesome, you are a great gift giver
ryoshi-un's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you thinks so =B
LogicinWonderland's avatar
Woah. With toilet paper and cardboard? Seriously? This is amazing!
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Thanks! =3
I've been meaning to upload process shots, but I always end up forgetting XD
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What a beautiful gift :)
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Nice of you to say so, thank you!
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You're welcome :)
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Beautiful work
ryoshi-un's avatar
Thank you so much! =)
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wow thats so awesome!!! i bet she was VERY happy to get a little treasure chest seeking adventure on her birthday! thats super cool =D
ryoshi-un's avatar
This one was very simple actually.
It's not like that one time when I his presents all over the house:… 8D
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Thank you! Next time you can reblog it from me ;)
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Aw man you had it? Sorry D: Didn't know!
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No problem, my blog is not linked anywhere here, I'll fix that right now XD
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amazing idea!!
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