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Elder Sign (Custom Box)



Just in time for a Christmas project!

The Missus is a huge Lovecraft fan, so I bought her an Elder Sign game for Christmas, but I really thought I could improve the box it came in.
As usual, I used slats I salvaged from crates, because I currently don't have the means to work the thickness of the wood.

The fasteners and hinges I had bought online didn't fit very well, so I had to use regular ones, plus a couple of fake ones I made from cardboard.

I aged everything with the old vinegar + steel wool trick (I like to add a bit of coffee to it as well), then sanded unevenly, added the postage stickers and apllied a couple of coats of matte varnish, just to preserve the wood. The worn out look was very important. I chose not to age the inside containers, though, cause I liked the contrast.

And there it is! =D
Hope you get inspired by it and make your own version! 

For more of my Lovecraftian stuff, click here!
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What a neat little box ^^