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Tank Mistress Afya

I decided to make an animation based off the starring character from two of my games, "Ghosts of Afya" and "Panic in Zombie Town." I just wanted to see if I could come up with a film for her. This is yet another of my 8-bit style animations.

Since I have never had a lot of natural talent for drawing, I made use of some guides and references to help me draw some of the stuff in this animation, and I want to credit those here:

The anime/manga "Dominion Tank Police"
"Ramona Base Set" by Zipple:…
"Canine Poses" by TheWinterRaven:…
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Sick shit bruvren
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You will never stop to amuse me.

But I'm still waiting for more Choppy's restaurant!
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Haha. I'm not sure what the likelihood of that will be. Maybe if I'm struck with a brilliant idea for a new one. For my next project, I'm actually thinking of mixing these characters, Afya and her dog, with Boy and Robot in the same show.
Lordofdragonss's avatar
ANd then hillarity, shit and randomness happens! c:
Good luck and keep up good work!