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Marth and Salamance

I was experimenting with different syles on this one. It kind of has a Ren and Stimpy feel to it. This was originally going to be Sitcom #391 before I figured it's way too different to be in the same series, which is why the main characters are named Bobby and Tommy. And the show is named after their last names btw: Bobby Marth and Tommy Salamance.

Oh, and I don't really know what animals they're supposed to be, they're whatever they look like to you. lol

UPDATE: I edited the flash to speed up the pacing and make a couple other little changes. Watch it again and let me know if you think it's better.
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juoo's avatar
the ending is just feral
there mutant octopus foxes
Lordofdragonss's avatar
Hahaha LOL cool.

Its Chicken!

This is my fav^^
AncientWisemon's avatar
oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkaaaaa aaaaayyyyyyyyy
AncientWisemon's avatar
oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkaaaaa aaaaayyyyyyyyy
Ryoken-Ryagnaroth's avatar
Wow... that mailman totally jacked their house!
their a mix of foxes and echidnas I belive. Odd video game, I was actually looking up the game charicters marth and salamance and stubbled on this, sitcom is my fave of all your works!
lol. "his name is chicken."
this video is good.
I think its cats.
(the animals, not the video.)
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this seemed kinda "furry"ish but the humor was okay, i didn't like the constant sound effects and the michael jackson arcade tingy was odd
Hildsvfar's avatar
it is a bit better with it sped up a bit, i wasnt too sure about this one at first but it kinda grew on me.
Wolfess-fuzzpot's avatar
Hmm I'd have to say I liked your old style better, like on Sitcom with the constant wavering lines instead of the slow moving ones on this.
I DO like the constant sound effects though :)
And yay for more bird tongue ^_^ I loved that part off Defender of the Supermart when the duck needed his ointment and he stretched his tongue over the phone barrier X3

The end just disturbed me though 0.0
XmorbidXangelX's avatar
hahahhaa what the craaaaap ^_^

definately different, but none the less good.. and creepy >.> <.<
FloatingBubbles's avatar
I think they're...demented chinchillas >:B
DeAtHsPaRk's avatar
i like the wacky toon sound effects.. liker en and stimpy indeed

i seen your sitcom stuff on albinoblacksheep

I LOVED THEM odd voice with perfect grammer

Nuclear-Ice's avatar
muahahahah :D

play a couple rounds ;)
FloatingBubbles's avatar's like, a hard one. *stares at the game*
DavidsRose's avatar
oh... wow... yeah. I like the style, the creatures are kinda cool, they fit better with your style. but wow, the ending was like... agh... too funny yet, disgusting yet... i dunno, I feel guilty for liking it.
Pain-bearer's avatar
wow... That was sooooo stoooopid! XD a positive sort of way... :P That arcade game've killed me... XD
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