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Captain Dave's Meeting

horse plop
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This is one of my favorites.
CreepyLoner's avatar
I completely adore this. And you. But you knew that already.
Ryoken-Ryagnaroth's avatar
So, where _is_ the beef anyway?

Overall, the voices are the best, lol. Totally random, somewhat stupid, all funny.
Crusane92's avatar
heh...poop on a stick...funny stuff

Can't get much better than that.
2000yearsago's avatar
...That's just....weird :P
Shizuru-Minamino's avatar
Ha ha, poop is funny. I knew that, but didn't know just how funny it was. Awesome cartoon, Ryoshenron.
R-D-V-fan's avatar

aaaahahahahahaha- yer gonna die now! *beep..BOOOM!* XDDD oooh god that's so hilarious..woo...:+favlove:
Tammo-Korsai's avatar
:rofl: What random stuff!! :D
Nuclear-Ice's avatar
glad to see you still animate i do the same but im getting a bit more Serious with mine.
D0ct0rman's avatar
One of your better animated ones... I think my school has poop on a stick...
kelseysharpe383's avatar
^^ he sure likes poop! :)
robomilk's avatar
My mood describes it all.
willypinthahizzouse's avatar
So, is he a butt pirate, or what?
ryoshenron's avatar
He'll plunder your booty
Hildsvfar's avatar
lol, am I the only one that found that hilarious? ah, whatever, it was, mostly because I'll laugh at the word poop any day. I liked it, the animation was really well done, and smooth.
ryoshenron's avatar
No one appreciates real comedy these days. Poop jokes will always be the highest level of humor. :b0x0rz:
Hildsvfar's avatar
Exactly, any word with long O and U sounds, like boob, poop, pubes, doodie, etc. is basically funny.
DoSomething's avatar
yeah whatever, space ghost coast to coast.

after the fade to black, I was expecting another flopping penis.
evilreddot's avatar
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