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The deadly left hook.
Archive JON:MMB-On The Ropes-Literally

‘Archive JON: MMB – On The Ropes – Literally'.  Rendering by: JON. MMB = Mixed Match Boxing. 

When this was sent to me the artist did not give this picture a name.  So what I did was give a title to a picture that depicts the cliché: ‘On The Ropes’, by ‘In Deed’ uploading the cliché made visual.    

What we have here is an underground fight, a mixed match boxing match that is a ‘Fight To The Finish’ battle.  In my opinion this is an apropos description for this render to fit into this ‘Mixed Match Archive’ of JON’s creations.
To that end, I have created an ‘Archive’ section in my ‘DA Main Site’ (‘drewhammond’) for the collected works of Jon Tenny – One of the great masters of depicting mixed fighters.
The title of this archive folder is: ‘Mixed Matches – The Best Of JON’.  And this specific work of art is 'In Deed' one the best of this superb artist.
Titles aside, this artist is one of the finest creators of ‘Mixed Match Fighting’ ever.  He has also done some ‘Fem Versus Fem’ pictures too, which will also be included.

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

This is a great POV (Point Of View) of mixed match boxing, whereby the outcome is about to be decided.  He’s got her on the ropes (Literally) and methinks the 1,2 punch follow-on to that left to the face will be that cocked right, and when released it could be the ‘Coup De Grace’ knockout blow.
Perhaps he could be cruel and slam that right glove into the essence of her womanhood – Either into a breast or her pooch.  That lower belly ‘Pooch Punch’ would be the end for that ‘Female Challenger’.
This render and this blow to the face are stunning – Both for the woman and the viewer.

So what’s going on here?  Simply this.  It is a brutal fight that has been going on round after round.  This man and woman are fighting 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period between rounds.  It is a private underground mixed match ‘Fight To The Finish’ battle that will end when one of the boxers quits or is counted out.  That is where the Referee comes in.  The Ref’s main job is to count to 10, and if the floored boxer doesn’t get back up when the count reaches 10, than that is when the Referee raises the arm of the standing fighter and declares him/her the winner.  That is his/her only reason for being, as this match will not end in a decision.  The small number of ringside viewers want a knockout, paid to see a KO, and no Referee will be allowed to stop this fight and award a TKO (Technical Knock Out).  

Jon, and others, have sent me a number of additional renderings, and here is one of them.  A number of others are in my DA Group Site 'CombativeWomen' and in a folded called: 'Mixed Matches'.
Here is the visual link to the avatar of that Group’s ‘Mixed Matches’ folder where a goodly number of his superb pictures reside:  LINK:  

Avatar:Mixed Matches Folder-CombativeWomen Group by drewhammond

Jon was once a member of Deviant Art and his DA website was: ''.
Then he closed down his DA site and all of his works were gone.  My intent was to resurrect them by placing them in an archive, which would allow future DA viewers to see some of the most astonishing pictures of male versus female combat ever created.
And here they are, and this dedicated archive keeps growing because Jon has sent me his favorite works for me to display, as well as followers of Jon have gone into their computers and dredged out their renderings they had stored, and sent them to me for inclusion in this archive.
To that end I have decided to create a folder in my DA Main Site (drewhammond) to include all of this artist’s works. This will be an ‘Archive’ section for the collected works of Jon Tenny – One of the great masters of depicting mixed fighters.

As mentioned before, the title of this archive folder is: ‘Mixed Matches – The Best Of JON’.  And this specific work of art is 'In Deed' one the best of this superb artist.
In that DA Main Site I have a number of folders, and as such each folder will have a full size avatar as its logo.
When selecting an avatar for a group folder it has to be the best of the best because it will represent all of the other renders in that folder.  That is why I have chosen this one, as I consider it a masterpiece in representing both the imagination and attention to detail that Jon Tenny, the artist, brings to all his works.
This astonishing picture is a combination of stunning female beauty and superb masculinity (In actuality both of these two are especially stunning) as they pound away at each other in the grim brutality of a female versus male ‘Fight To The Finish’ – Literally.  And this harsh aspect of mixed match boxing sealed the deal on my choosing this render as the avatar.

The following is the visual link to the avatar of my 'DA Main Site' folder titled: 'Mixed Matches - The Best Of JON', in which all of his renders reside:  LINK:  

Avatar:Mixed Matches-The Best Of JON Folder by drewhammond

Now, as concerns the featured rendering at the top of this writeup.  The following is from a writeup I wrote for a similar picture that I uploaded, and what said then I fell is apropos for this picture:  

“While at times I may modify or change this artist’s titles, and this is one of those times, I will not change my admiration of his artistic genius. A number of years ago a very talented artist left Deviant Art, for a variety of reasons, none of which I need go into. While he still had a DA Site which he called: ‘juxvma542’, from it (with his written e-mail permission) I had uploaded a number of his renderings under the auspices of my ‘Masterpieces By Others’ series. The following writeup was included when I uploaded one of his pictures:
'I have started a new series of renderings I consider ‘Masterpieces’ which are not part of my ‘Gallery Of Combative Women’. They will be uploaded one per week and the maximum by any one artist is going to be three.
Or so I thought until Jon just added to his ‘DA’ Site a series of bare fisted mixed match renderings that are staggering in their visual and emotional impact. Therefore, Jon has made me break all the rules. Consequently, a fifth and final rendering has been added to this series by this artist, and here it is. Because I do not own these images, I have asked for, and received, e-mail written permission to display his or her works on my ‘DA’ Gallery Site. In my opinion a work of art that I would classify as a ‘Masterpiece’ doesn’t have to depict an ‘Epic Scene’. Although, most of the art works I commission are ‘in deed’ epics. A masterpiece can also depict a POV (point of view); or a profound emotion made visual; or a profound thought made visual; or an event with extreme consequences; or a critical decision about to be made, or just made. Or in this case another image by Jon which is quite different from my norm; and what I consider the norm is female versus female – Of which there are many who would not consider this normal at all. Bizarre would be a gentle word of what they would think. Anyway, I digress. I’m not that big into male versus female fighting, and this site, which is devoted to combative women, reflects that. However, this artist has altered my opinion of mixed matches by a combination of excellent renderings and rather erudite musings as well as superb visual/written descriptions. The reason I chose this second of the two mixed match renderings is again a personal one. As I said before, I’m rather opinionated, and it takes something like a smack on the side of my head with a baseball bat to get my attention. Sorta like how you get the attention of a jackass with a wood pole whammed on their snout. This rendering got my attention. And my opinion on the subject of mixed matches has changed considerably.
‘Nuff said, Drew.”

This artist is one of the finest creators of ‘Mixed Match Fighting’ ever.  He has also done some ‘Fem Versus Fem’ pictures too, which will also be included.

When Jon sent me this featured render via E-Mail, which eventually would be placed into my ‘DA Main Site’ folder, I had to give it a title that would describe what was going on.  So that it could fit into this ‘Mixed Match Archive’ folder the following is my reasoning, in detail, behind this title:
Firstly, I started with: 'Archive', because that is where this picture is going to be placed – Into an archive of Jon's best works called: ‘The Best Of JON’.  This because I have created an ‘Archive’ section in my ‘DA Main Site’ (‘drewhammond’) for the collected works of Jon Tenny.
Secondly, I added: ‘JON’, because that is who is and what this archive is all about.
Then for additional description, I added: 'MMB', the initials for: 'Mixed Match Boxing', because that is what this picture is all about, and also what this scene depicts.
Concluding with what is happening: ‘On The Ropes – Literally'.
I can get away with all these title creations or modifications because Jon gave me his written permission, sent via 'DA Notes', that I can create, modify, or change his renders and titles.
While at times I may modify this artist’s titles, or even change them completely, or to create a new title in order to be more informative, and this is one of those times; what I will not change is my admiration of his artistic genius.

Here is the detailed background for this specific picture.  There was this female pretender to the underground MMB championship throne who had challenged the male mixed match underground boxing champion to a belowground title fight.  Eventually she got her wish and this is the result.
It was to be a private match held in the basement of a warehouse here in Los Angeles.  A room was especially created to enable underground fights of all sorts to be held in a specially built combination boxing/wrestling ring.  In the case of this challenge match, the viewers would be restricted to each fighter’s significant other, as well as extended members of both families.  In addition, a select number of MMB aficionados who were wealthy and had the money to finance this bout were invited.  This would be a ‘Prize Fight’ – Literally, in that they would provide the money for the rental of this basement room as well as pay a good piece of under the counter cash money to the boxers.  The bulk of the prize money to the winner, and the rest to the loser.
The rules would conform to the ultimate underground genre, which is a 'Fight To The Finish' boxing match.  Its meaning was simply there would be no limit to the number of three minute rounds.  The battle would end when one could not beat the Referee’s ten count, or one quit because of too much pain.  With some of these underground matches it was decided beforehand by the promoters on if the Referee would step in and stop the action, because of inaction by one of the fighters – This in order to prevent further damage to a boxer who is no longer able to defend their self.  The result would be known as a ‘Technical Knock Out (TKO)’.  Or conversely the Ref would not stop the fight and let it continue to its brutal conclusion.
In either case, no sitting at ringside decision makers need apply for this matchup.
It was understood by all that a Referee would be needed, but would stay out of the way and let the fighters punch their way out if they were in a corner.  If there were clinches and they wouldn’t break apart, then the Referee would step in and separate the fighters.  If there was a knockdown, then the Referee would commence the count to ‘Ten’.  Eventually one would not be able to rise in ten, and the battle would be over.  Or one of the fighters would simply quit – Which most of the ringsiders didn’t want to see.  What the paying ringsiders want to witness is a ‘Naked Knockout’.
In this match, they sure got their wish – Eventually.

In this superb render of man versus woman boxing, Jon has made visual the moment both fighters are fully conscious and not yet one having been pounded to near defeat, forcing him, or her, to decide to give up and quit, or face the ultimate conclusion of being beaten to the canvas.  An ending to what had been an ongoing struggle, in all of its painful brutality.

And beauty.

And the realization that one will soon be counted out.  A naked knockout, so to speak, and then have to accept the humiliating defeat. 

Jon has done a series of pictures depicting different women versus different men in various locales – Be they privately held ‘Underground Matches’ (Both figuratively and literally), or ‘Aboveground Matches’, again both figuratively and literally.  All with the intent that ultimately the struggle will end in a knockout.
Previously I used the expression: ‘Naked Knockout’.  This does not mean a nude boxing match of which one of the naked fighters has been kayoed.  What it means is an end to a boxing match that is unambiguous.  That is one boxer is flat on the canvas and is unconscious, or so dazed that he or she is unable to control their body and move it in order to get back up – No matter how long the count could go beyond ‘Ten’.
Now, there are three kinds of KOs, of which one, being the loser, has been punched unconscious.
There are three expressions describing this condition:

1:  ‘KnockOut’.

2:  ‘Kayo’.  Short for ‘Kayoed’ or ‘KnockOut’.

3:  ‘KO’.  The shortest for ‘KnockOut’.

In addition, if the defeated boxer is on the canvas and is conscious but can’t get to their feet within ten seconds, then that is also recorded by all three expressions.
Then there is another term, and that expression is called a: ‘TKO’ – Which stands for: ‘Technical Knock Out’.  That is when the Referee steps in and stops the fight because one boxer is no longer able to defend their self and serious damage could occur if the match continued.
But that is not what the ringsiders want to see.  A TKO is an ambiguous ending to a boxing match in that it is a ‘Stoppage’ of a physical contest, not a ‘Finish’ in its purist sense.  There is a certain sense of the ending being ‘Inexact’, not a purely clean finish.  And the reason there are followers of the sport who are called ‘Aficionados Of Boxing’ (AOB) is because of its brutal purity.  And the ultimate brutal ‘Purity’ of boxing is an unconscious fighter sprawled on the canvas floor being counted out by the Referee.  Some of the greatest works of sports art are classic paintings, and photographs depicting that scene.
This is why those in attendance want the ending of this match to be a naked KO, a knockout in the purest sense because it is not contaminated by the word: ‘Technical’.
A ‘KnockOut’, or ‘KO’, is the ultimate end of any boxing match – Be it male, female, or mixed match.  It is what every boxer strives to inflect upon their opponent.  In all of sports, a KO is the most decisive ending.  The irony is this, the most brutal of sports, is often referred to as: ‘The Sweet Science’.

This term became well known via a number of boxing articles that A. J. Liebling wrote and classified as ‘The Sweet Science’, all of which were written by Abbott Joseph Liebling (October 18, 1904 – December 28, 1963) for the prestigious magazine ‘The New Yorker’ from 1951 through 1963 – Right up to his death the same year.  ‘A.J’, which he was known as, was a devotee of boxing and also a great admirer of Pierce Egan, who was a great writer of boxing and published a number of works in what he called: ‘Boxiana’.
Egan chronicled the era of bare-knuckle fighting in England during the early 19th century and described boxing as: ‘The Sweet Science’ because he determined that the successful fighters were the ones who had the intelligence to understand the strategy and tactics of boxing, and as such they usually overwhelmed the ‘Knuckle Dragging’ animalistic brawn of opponents.  He had a clear eye, and as such also coined the more brutal phrase: ‘The sweet science of bruising’.  A.J cited Egan frequently named his collection: ‘The Sweet Science’ in honor of Egan.

Now, the difference between a regular boxing ring and a regular wrestling ring is a boxing ring has to be built especially for boxing matches – Be they gloved or bare fisted.  The floor is usually wood planked and can only be used for stand up fights.  It is covered with canvas and thinly padded, in order for the boxers to move quickly. The floor of a wrestling ring is also usually wood planked, but is well padded in order to absorb bodies being slammed to the canvas.  A boxing match can be held in a wrestling ring, and the main consequence would be the increased padding will slow down the boxer’s footwork a bit.  However, wrestling matches can not be held in a boxing ring venue, because broken bones will be the result of bodies crashing against those unyielding and unpadded boards.

Often Jon will create what the English call a: 'One Off', which means it is a singular picture, and many of Jon's renders are also singular in their superb quality.  In this case he has done a few pictures of this specific fight and here are some examples:

Here is the visual link to a render I titled: 'Archive: MMB Underground Challenger-Fini':  LINK: 

Archive:MMB Underground Challenger-Fini by drewhammond

Here is another visual link to a render I titled:'Archive: MMB – Underground Challenger-007’:  LINK:  

Archive:MMB-Underground Challenger-007 by drewhammond

A number of viewers have written to me essentially asking, ‘What the fuck is going on here?’  Or, ‘Why are you depicting men and women fighting each other?’  Or going even further with: 'Why do you show women fighting each other?'
Well, the only answer I can give is this:  “You are what you love.  You are not the one who loves you back.”  Which means what you love defines you.  It doesn't matter what others think.  Of great danger is allowing those who love you define you.  It’s wonderful to be loved, but those who love you are human, and as such have human frailties.  If you allow them to define you, then when those frailties come to the fore, and they will – It’s a part of being human, then the hurt can be excruciating.  Sometimes to the point of suicide.

Now to the essential point:  These women have determined to prove to themselves, and to themselves alone, of if they have what we pilots call: ‘The Right Stuff’.  I can tell you that flying an airplane can be scary at times – When weather conditions rapidly deteriorate and you can’t see a damn thing, or having to land on a short runway and there is a 40 mph crosswind, or the ultimate terror, which is your engine quits.  It is those, and a myriad of other aerial situations, when you need the right stuff to not panic, to trust your instruments, and yourself.
And what is the ultimate test of a man or woman’s courage, spirit, body, and endurance?  In a word: War.  And boxing, be it with bare fists or gloves, is fistic war – Almost to ‘In Extremus’.  Actual warfare is both figuratively and literally: ‘At the point of death’, and from the Latin literally means: ‘In the farthest reaches.’
Our current civilization has modified this form of fistic war into a sport.  And ‘Aboveground’ has rules and ‘Belowground’ has none, with ‘Underground’ somewhere in between – Rule wise that is.

But this sport always takes place in some form of ‘Battleground’.  And in the ‘Background’ always lurks that ultimate price of warfare: Death.
Boxing is a dangerous sport and the ghost of death is always near.  In fact I had an artist friend of mine make visual that ghost.  Here is the visual link to that picture I titled: ‘Ghost Of Death - Always Near’. Rendering by: MkG2k7: LINK: 

Ghost Of Death-Always Near by drewhammond
The end result is these women become fistic warriors, and are willing to take a chance on propelling themselves ever forward in order to emerge victorious in this one on one war.  Knowing full well the fickle compass of fortune, or luck, or whatever, can swing against them and the painful consequences would result in their becoming severely battered about the face and body, bloodied, bruised, ultimately beaten into unconsciousness.  Conscripts who are joined in ferocious battles with outcomes that can end badly as they become casualties of war.

It all starts with the sounding of one metallic note, the clang of a steel hammer hitting a steel bell, signaling the beginning of the first round.  It has been said that a boxing match can be viewed as a study of poetry in motion.  Myself, I view it as a novel, each round is a chapter, the ending the denouement.
To some that first ring of the bell is music to their ears, having the same hypnotic effect as the first notes of a Beethoven symphony – Everything else follows from them.  To the end of time. 

He had already yanked all of his work from his DA Site when he started transmitting to me most of his images via attachments to my E-Mail, and some didn’t have titles.  And others were also sending me his renders and in a lot of cases they weren't titled either.  This is one of those cases.
Jon’s artistic oeuvre was wide ranging in that he had created a number of underground mixed match 'Club Fights', some of which were a fistfighting series, also a boxing series, and a wrestling series; all of which were between two opponents of the opposite sex.  And he did the same thing with his aboveground works too.

As is in most of this artist's works, this is a: 'Fight To The Finish' match.  In the beginning, to be a bit biblical, both fighters agreed it will go on, round after round until one quits due to excessive pain, or exhaustion, or worst still, is rendered unconscious.
As concerns ‘Kayos’, in some of Jon’s mixed boxing works, when there is a KO, and after the Referee’s countup to ten, there will be the announcement of: “Winner by knockout”.  Which is exactly what the ringsiders, who have paid the big bucks, want to see in these public and privately held mixed matches.  And then there are the even more private underground matches, restricted to each fighter's significant other, as well as close friends.

To conclude on the subject concerning actual knockouts.  If knocked unconscious, the loser won’t hear the Referee's voice declaring he/she has been knocked out of the match – Asleep as they will be.  After it's all over the defeated fighter will surely remember the aftermath of the battle when the loser ‘Comes To’ and reflects upon the humiliation of their loss, because it is likely they'll have a splitting headache.  That afterfight headache pain comes with the territory, so to speak; and is the sort of ending to any of these fight to the finish matches that each combatant fully understands, via the underground rules both fighters had agreed to – By both the male champion and the female challenger.

As he was preparing to close his DA Site I wrote to him:

“Jon, I have started a new series of renderings I consider ‘Masterpieces’ which are not part of my ‘Gallery Of Combative Women’. They will be uploaded one per week and the maximum by any one artist was going to be three. Or so I thought until you added to your ‘DA Site’ a series of bare fisted mixed match renderings that are staggering in their visual and emotional impact. Therefore, you have made me break all the rules. Consequently, a fifth and final rendering has been added to this series, done by you, and here it is. Because I do not own these images, I need your written permission, via ‘DA Notes’, to display all of your works on my ‘DA Gallery Site’.”

Which he did.

‘Nuff said.

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