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:iconryonadamselperil:ryonadamselperil posted a status
Drowning her
The Rescuers are attacked!
Okami looks up to see the female Ork leap toward Sebastien.
"Look out!!!" She screams. She is too late as the bulk of the huge creature drives her friend into the water. There is a sickening dull thud heard clearly over the splash as it's meaty fist makes crushing contact with the base Sebastien's skull.:stupidme:

Note: Original title was a typo in my special language: Mollynesian. It read: "The rescuers are attached!". Hence, Captain Z's comment. :roll: Danged spell checker cannot always protect me from myself. :giggle:

Molly's art notes: This was done in Poser Pro 2012 except for the splashes which were added with Photoshop. I'm still not quite happy with the water, but I decided to go with it because I was tired of messing with it and I have some other things to post and lots to do around the house this afternoon. ;P

All the meshes, textures and such were legally acquired and if you want to add them to your Poser library, ask me and I'll point you to where they can be acquired. Support content creators!! :)

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