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:iconryonadamselperil:ryonadamselperil posted a status
Totaly out matched
Destroyed by Cobalt
This amazing piece was done by :icontaclobanon: and features :icontexanjoe: 's super-villain Cobalt putting quite the hurt on poor little Crimson Valkyrie.

This is actually sort of a prequel for a story I'll be writing in 2012(I know I am such a tease...hehe) where Tiffany is in Century City when this monster of a man goes on a rampage through downtown. With no other heroes around and despite being outclassed in nearly every category, Tiffany changes into Crimson Valkyrie and tries to hold him off until help arrives.

She's able to use her speed advantage to avoid him at first, luring him away from the gathering crowds, even getting in a few solid shots, but he is impervious to damage and soon gets the upper hand. He beats her nearly to death but she keeps getting up, stubborn and defiant, until he finally smashes her through enough walls and solid objects to break both her body and spirit. The only question now is will help arrive in time to save her or will Cobalt put that big ham fist to use???

Stay tuned...hehe..till next year sometime... ;)

Cobalt is the OC and property of :icontexanjoe: and is used with permission.

:iconcentury-city: is owned by :icontexanjoe: and is used with permission.

Please check out :icontaclobanon: 's page for his other amazing work and if you've been thinking about getting a commission drop him a line. His work is incredible and his prices are very reasonable!! :)

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