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:iconryonadamselperil:ryonadamselperil posted a status
The tasty sacrifice
The Final Blow for Super Katie?
Oh no! Is this the end for Super Katie? Well, it is at least the end for 2012.

The inspiration for this scene came from an image that I saw a while back of
Super Man being speared from behind by Lex Luthor as he tried to stand.

These villians are pretty tech'd-up to go toe-to-toe with any heroines that
might get in their way. You see the rest of Katie's team in the background.
Each of them has been lanced in the chest as well, and their wounds are still
glowing and radiating energy from the attack.

One-by-one, each of her comrades fall leaving Super Kaite to face the
meta-humans alone. Overwhelmed, Katie falls near her lieutenant, Heat. The
ever-defiant Heat tries to get off one last attack but misses. One of the
attackers steps on Heat's throat and stabs her in the chest a second time,
twisting his saber until she lies still. Unable to regain her footing, Super
Katie summons the last of her strength and tries to crawl across the rubble to
safety. She only makes it a few feet before an energy lance is thrust into her

Super Katie screams in agony. Her lungs burn like fire and her heart feels like
it is being ripped in half. Her attacker cruely twists the lance into Super
Katie's back, causing her to let out one final, choked groan before passing out.

Will Kaite and her team sucumb to their injuries before help arrives?

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