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Battle of Zama

Character  HannibalLocation  tunisia
the battle of Zama marked the end of the Second Punic War.At the outset of the battle,Hannibal unleashed his elephants and skirmishers against the Roman troops
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I start to create history videos about some characters, the video that I currently create is dedicated to Hannibal Barca! I was wondering if your image was free of rights? Of course, it would be normal for you to say no!!

*Forgive my English! I am French!

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A very fine job!
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Very well done. A strong, dark atmosphere.
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great theme and excellent artwork
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This is art! This is a great painting! Congrats, really stunning
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Shouldn't the Romans have gladius'?

In that period the Legions wore mail.
How did his shield catch fire? AND DAMN IS THIS AWESOME!
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I love this painting! Could you try and upload a larger version? I really want to buy this for my history teacher so he can show it off!
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I agree - would love to have this on my wall!
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