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POV: Hikage's face massage (story in description)

By RyokoSinner
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Looking through local ads in your spare time, you come across a massage service posted by a beautiful, green haired student looking to make some money on the side. There's nothing shady or dirty about it, but in the girl's full-body picture you can't help but notice her tiny, delicate looking feet.
You give her a call and request a massage for later on that day. Specifically a facial massage using her feet, which you insist she needn't wash beforehand. After charging your card a tremendous amount of money, she arranges to come over in only a couple of hours.

You greet her and lie down on your bed. Hikage grabs a chair and places it next to you, sits down and begins to remove her boots, which, to your pleasant surprise, she wore without any socks.
She confirms with you about not needing to wash herself one last time, as the near-unbearable stench of her sweaty, yet angelically beautiful feet pervades throughout the room.
Reluctantly, she begins to lower them towards your face.

Within seconds of contact you're entranced as you feel her small, soft soles massage your face, leaving behind large traces of sweat all over you. Her toes run down your cheeks over and over. Your senses are hightened and you feel every single toe on you individually. The odor of her feet has completely overwhelmed you. You have never experienced a smell this strong ever before and you struggle to savor every last second.
A few minutes later, as her round, little toes move over to massage your lips, you instinctively stick out your tongue and begin to lick them ever so slowly. They taste better than you could possibly have imagined. The spots between her toes taste especially strong and you find yourself unable to stop.

Hikage initially protests, though very half-heartedly, and she eventually accepts that she's the one receiving a massage now. You spend the remaining 45 minutes of the appointment licking her sweaty feet completely clean and hungrily sucking on her toes while she occasionally groans or lets out a sigh. You can't tell if she's enjoying it or merely pretending to, but you don't care.
After your time is up, you give her a towel so she can wipe her saliva-covered feet and you make one last impulse purchase. Her very worn, brown boots, to be mailed to you after she returns home.
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girl barefoot covering camera , yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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Life is so much better when you got some stinky anime feet in your face c:
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They look so tasty and beautiful, i wanna lick and suck them all day *i blush and stare at them*