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Koyuki/Eiji Biography by RyokosDetermination Koyuki/Eiji Biography :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 21 12 Garden Time by RyokosDetermination Garden Time :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 21 7
A Quest Of Determination~ Ch 3
It had been days since their first arrival, or it could've been weeks. Ryoko wasn't sure which of these options it was since neither of them really took note of how many days had passed.
They did however realise that the desert they had been walking through seemed endless.
   "I'm so thirsty, this heat is killing me.." Miya complained as they seemed to walk on endlessly.
   "Tell me about it, you don't even know how much I crave a cold coke right now"
Ryoko almost drooled as she imagined herself having a cool soft drink. It would only be a matter of time, until they'd be too exhausted to go on. Just as that thought passed Ryoko's mind she noticed something in the distance.
   "Is that a vending machine?" She exclaimed, squinting her eyes ever so lightly to make sure she was seeing it right.
   "It sure looks like it" Dorumon replied, even Miya nodded in agreement.
In their exhausted state they made a run for it, hoping to receive something to dri
:iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 4 2
A Quest Of Determination~ Ch 2
Oh no, they couldn't intrude on their hospitality even longer. It's not that they didn't appreciate the offer and the dinner they had served them tasted wonderful, not to mention that the Koromon were more than kind to both girls as well as Dorumon.
But even if they did help them chase off the Pagumon, it didn't feel right to stay there longer than necessary. After all, they still needed to find a way to get home somehow, even if that was, in Ryoko's opinion, pretty impossible at the moment. Of course, she wouldn't say it outloud, worried that it would only cause sadness for her younger sibling Miya.
Dorumon did, however, seem to share Ryoko's opinion on leaving the small and cozy village since he too seemed to be in a hurry to find something or maybe even someone, Ryoko made a mental note to ask him about this sooner or later. As they walked just far enough from the village and were just about to enter the jungle they came from again, Ryoko stopped moving and started  looking at
:iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 5 2
Perfect Evolution by RyokosDetermination Perfect Evolution :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 30 14 Uniform girl by RyokosDetermination Uniform girl :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 26 16 :Evolution: by RyokosDetermination :Evolution: :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 49 10 BDG: Victory by RyokosDetermination BDG: Victory :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 25 6 B: Hairstyles by RyokosDetermination B: Hairstyles :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 22 5 Flying by RyokosDetermination Flying :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 39 14 C: KenxMiya by RyokosDetermination C: KenxMiya :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 26 22 CP: Christie by RyokosDetermination CP: Christie :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 23 33 Children of Loyalty and Determination by RyokosDetermination Children of Loyalty and Determination :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 28 18 C: MajokkoxLucemon by RyokosDetermination C: MajokkoxLucemon :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 21 21 Yukio by RyokosDetermination Yukio :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 23 11 Okiku~ by RyokosDetermination Okiku~ :iconryokosdetermination:RyokosDetermination 17 20


I hope that you like my gallery, Comments are always appreciated ~:heart:


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I'm really sorry but due to various personal reasons I won't be able to finish any commissions/ Prizes I still owe some people.
the ones I already have sketched out shall be finished at some point but for the others I'd really like to request everyone whom has commissioned me to send me a note for a refund.

I really have been extremely unmotivated to draw lately, and whenever i do find inspiration/motivation/time to draw I only ever want to work on pieces for myself.
I know this is very selfish but I really can't bring up my drive to do stuff for others anymore unless I WANT to make something for someone (like a gift for a friend) 

I'm really sorry if I disappoint anyone with this but I really think it'd be better for me and my mental health to do things I enjoy doing and not constantly feel forced because I accepted commissions ages ago :( 
I really hope that you all will be able to understand what i mean.......

if anyone wants more details feel free to note me, I just don't want to go in dept about it in this journal cause I don't feel like burdening anyone with what's going on unless they really want to know..



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