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lunar eclipse

By ryokogirle

my brother in law ~Emoguy43 :wave: called me tonight and asked if i could see the eclipse~ so naturally i just had to go take pictures of it!

enjoy! :3

i love my camera. and my tripod. and my telephoto lens. woot.
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i've never seen one before...
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oooh cool! i'm glad you caught it, i got to watch it but never thought of taking photos~ :heart:
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i'm not sure it was worth freezing outside for two hours though T.T
katiedesousa's avatar
haha oh my, yeah i watched it from a window! it was beautiful though, i love watching eclipses~ :D
cold-dark-night1351's avatar
Yay! I am glad you got the shots!
I attempted, but sadly with no sweet telephoto lens I couldn't get very much!
ryokogirle's avatar
aww maybe for the next one!
J-Kalika's avatar
ahh I missed it!!! T_T of all days that happened to be the day I went to bed at 7:00 pm... =_=^ thanks for posting!! at least I see it now even if it's not in real life.. :)
ryokogirle's avatar
glad to share it!
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Yes!! I saw it too! I just simply love lunar eclipses! Though one of these days I'd like to track down a full solar eclipse and watch it! (those things are rare and hard to track)
ryokogirle's avatar
they are sooooo hard to track!
hotarukurama's avatar
that's awesome :). yea too bad the next eclipse isn't until 2010 i think. love the piccys ^^.
buyobabyboo's avatar
wah, i hate you TT.TT not really though. it was overcast where i am, it was terrible.
This, however, looks awesome :3
ryokogirle's avatar
aww thank you hopefully it will be clear for you next time!
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I'm stealing your camera.
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;3; Naaawww...
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Paraphrasing Pink Floyd: Everything under the moon is in tune, but the moon is eclipsed by Earth.
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Oh, yeah, I forgot about that ^^; :depressed: I had school that evening...
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We all did. It stayed cloudy pretty much the whole time. :(
Oh well, there may be another in 2 1/2 years or so...
ryokogirle's avatar
awwww that stinks
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