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Dear, friends, we are now on PATREON! Star!Star!Star!

Patreon Icon  www.patreon.com/RRartgroup

New posts are already waiting for you! Hug 

Are there going to be any EXCLUSIVE materials for our Patrons?

YES! Like, we usually don’t tell people what's our next cosplay, but on Patreon we are ready to reveal this secret. So you can be the first to know it and also see interesting videos, cosplay tips, know more about our future projects, process work, backstage materials and etc. PLUS there are some cute rewards for your support and also monthly giveaway RAFFLE will appear very soon! Present 

There are already interesting posts waiting for you as completely NEW photo of AIL and ANN from “Sailor Moon”, information about upcoming cosplay project and process photos of next costume!

Don’t worry, guys, we will still be posting in social media for free, and this is just the way to support us if you like what we’re doing and for us to be closer with our fans Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

For us it's a chance to spend more time on making new costumes, photos and videos, to improve as artists and learn new skills, try new materials and share our results with you. Because of course cosplay is not our job and we spend our own money for everything we do and also have to work for living.

How does it work?

When you click the “Become a Patron” button, you can select how much you want to pledge per month. And that's it ) Don't forget to get your reward and "Thank you" from us :bademoticon:

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Hi, friends!

If you don't know yet, we have channel on youtube.


Here we glad to share with you our video-cosplay, stage performances, conventions and photoshoots reviews, short funny videos about cosplay life and of course our tutorials and lots cosplay talking. Just stay with us for more interesting and useful videos!
Always thanks for your support! :heart:
Subscribe =D 

Poison friends by Ryoko-demon

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Hey, guys! 
I'm taking part in a contest. Prize is PlayStation 4. 

I really want to win and give it to my wonderful photographer Kifir :iconkifir: as a present. You can click the likes (hearts) EVERY DAY. Please support me. 
The contest will run until the 15th of January
Thank you very much!
:heart: :heart: :heart: 

Bad Girl by Ryoko-demon

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Hi, guys! 
Here you can watch 
our new cosplay video >>> Nana - Broken Rose (link) <<< 

I'm really happy that I took part in the filming of this video. 
And I think that Rei :iconrei-doll: has done a great job with the Nana cosplay. Enjoy!


Videographer - Kifir :iconkifir: www.flickr.com/photos/kifir/se…
Nana cosplay - Rei :iconrei-doll: rei-doll.deviantart.com/
Assistants - Ryoko :iconryoko-demon: , PredatoR
R&R cosplay team fanpage www.facebook.com/RRartgroup

Camera used Canon EOS 600D

"All rights for the audio content in this video belongs to the recording artists and record labels. This video is purely not commercial and was made with the consent of all the people involved and with due respect to the artists as from fans."

R&R art group 2013

Broken Rose by Rei-Doll  Searching for your DREAMS by Rei-Doll  Red Dress by Rei-Doll

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2012 year was not easy for us. But we tried to joy you with our work.


Dimension of love by Ryoko-demon Ayeka and Ryoko by Kifir Peony Note by Rei-Doll Poison Ivy by Rei-Doll Sailor Moon by Rei-Doll Red Dress by Rei-Doll Poison Nature by Rei-Doll Jane by Ryoko-demon Presents for Mr J by Ryoko-demon DC band by Ryoko-demon Happy holidays by Ryoko-demon

Finished costumes:

Bloody bride by Ryoko-demon Reborn Queen by Rei-Doll


Lyum (albino bat) - original. Backstage (video)

Righteous Fire by Ryoko-demon Magical Artifact by Ryoko-demon Taboo by Ryoko-demon

Tenchi Muyo!

No need for Tenchi! by Ryoko-demon

Trinity blood. Backstage (video)

Foreign land by Ryoko-demon Duchess of Erin by Rei-Doll Battle by Ryoko-demon Royal Blood by Rei-Doll

Asuka and Rei. Backstage (video)

School time by Ryoko-demon No more school! by Ryoko-demon White Scars by Rei-Doll

Loli Asuka and Rei ^^

Happy holidays by Ryoko-demon

DC Universe.

Xmas in Gotham City by Rei-Doll Joker by Kifir Sweet Christmas by Ryoko-demon

And works of girls from our team =)
Lust by Eva :iconendleria:, Re-L Mayer by Elle Blink :iconelleblink:, C.C. by Saoko :iconsaokotai:.

Lust 3 by Kifir Beyond the horizon by Kifir :thumb329151829:

Amazing cosplay-videos by Kifir :iconkifir:

Chibi-fest 2012
Tanoshima 2012
Animau 2012
Lust and the philosopher's stone

And our performances:

WCS 2012 Russia - Tenchi Muyo!
Сообщество анонимных косплееров
Музей восковых фигур или расплата за страх
Lydia Deetz (wedding dress)
Lyum Albino Bat (Original)
Queen Esther
Snow White
Jane (Tarzan)

I want to thank everyone who supports us and loves our work.
Special thanks to my team R&R, especially Rei :iconrei-doll: - my best friend, Kifir :iconkifir: - our amazing photographer, Predator :iconpred-a-tor: - a person doing a lot for us.
In the new 2013, I want to wish all of you inspiration, a lot of energy and health, interesting ideas and implement of them. Be kind to each other. Thanks for being with us, and I hope you'll keep being in future. Happy New Year!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Skin by Shinji-bpm
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RandR ArtGroup on Patreon by Ryoko-demon, journal

R and R on Youtube by Ryoko-demon, journal

Please support me in the contest! by Ryoko-demon, journal

Nana video cosplay by RandR by Ryoko-demon, journal

2012 year with R and R by Ryoko-demon, journal