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Melody of warm days

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Tenchi Muyo!
Me as Ryoko (costume, wig, makeup and Ryo-ohki by me).
More photos here

Photo by Kifir :iconkifir:
Thanks to our team R&R for the help with this photoshoot.
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AtLast2014's avatar
One of my fav shows
ask-kevlron's avatar
That SSB3 hair, tho.
Saguinius's avatar
Ahhhhhh!!! This is perfect, you look just like her! Ryoko's so awesome, she was my first anime crush when I was younger so that just makes this all the cooler. :)
Linkmetohyrule's avatar
I had the hugest crush on ryoko lol. Way to make it real life haha. Perfect!
MermaidMiyu's avatar

mother of wig!! haha

wow :clap: :clap: :clap:
greendragontears's avatar
You are my BFF now LOL Ryoko is my fave and you're the first one i've seen that pulled her well :D
nekoryoko's avatar
Amazing! And Great job on making the wig.
SimonWurst's avatar
This is AWESOME! Tenchi Muyo is the first anime I ever watched (back in 1999 [im old]).  You nailed it! 100%  This is so cool!
Lionheartssj's avatar
Yay! Ryoko! :D  You look awesome!  Excellent work on the wig!!
tenchi2004's avatar
Oh nice! That brings back nostalgia...
FandomFoodie's avatar
What do you think of the new Tenchi Muyo? 
Ryoko-demon's avatar
Don't know... but I love old classic series with my favorite characters :)
FandomFoodie's avatar
WHich of those series would you recomend to someone who hasn't seen them?  I know Tenchi, Outlaw Star, SHinesman, some Astroboy...
Mikaidesu's avatar
I love you so much right now! Wish youd come to the cons in florida.
eramthgin-1027501's avatar
Ryoko was my favorite character.
leo-darkheart's avatar
BluDrgn426's avatar
Colors so perfect
Ansuchi's avatar
Wow, that wig is really impressive!
m-u-ll-e's avatar
Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen a Ryoko cosplay. Very well done!
VictorHugo's avatar
I knew it was Ryoko, the chosen one!! :)
wordweaver1001's avatar
OMG where did you find a wig with enough hair to style it like that??!?  I would love a link to the site you found the wig at :D
dyingstarr's avatar
WOW! I love it! I used to watch Tenchi Muyo as a kid when it was on Toonami! I'll have to find it online somewhere so I can actually take notice of it and fall in love all over again! :love:

You really inspire me to do my own cosplay! I'm going to have to try it out sometime :)
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