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City girl

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X-Men: Evolution.
Me as Rogue (costume, wig and makeup by me).
Photo by Kifir :iconkifir:

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Aug 3, 2013, 5:35:55 PM
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furyfire22's avatar
WOW this cosplay of her is simple awesome! well done.
AnimeGirl513's avatar
The best X-Men: Evolution Rogue cosplay!! I love that you remembered the little strands of hair over her eyes :D
TheHawkDown's avatar
I love this design of Rogue, and the show was pretty great too.
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Amazing and most accurate cosplay I've seen! I think I might've faved another picture of this cosplay, because it looks familiar. Great work on this picture too. :)
TheMuffinWoman1's avatar
This looks great! Where did you get the shirt at? I've been trying to find one but haven't had any luck
Shadow2Serenity's avatar
*jaw drops*

Evo Rogue....

....too awesome....

....can't brain....

....only flail....

Seriously. Wow. I LOVE Evo!Rogue and it makes my heart happy to see her so well cosplayed. X-tra X-cellent the way you've recreated her pose from the closing credits. :D
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Really good, a nice fun Rogue pic!
SasoriHatake's avatar
I like this one because it's from X-Men Evolution, that was a good show.
Horus023's avatar
Хороший косплей. Полное попадание в образ. И приятно осознавать что он ещё от соотечественника, я сам когда-то жил в Ё-бурге, и знакомый фон приятно дополняет картину. 
CrimsonPhoenix913's avatar
Kyyaaa I saw this (and some of your other shots in the description) on google images and was wondering who it belonged to. I'm so glad I found your page, because now I can say, this is the BEST Rogue cosplay I have EVER SEEN OMG. Your classic 90's Rogue is equally spectacular. I think I am officially in love with you. Lol. Excellent work! <3 <3 <3

Peace Out! ^_^
Ryoko-demon's avatar
Thank you for your comments ^^
CrimsonPhoenix913's avatar
You're welcome! I went total fangirl over your stuff last night....hehe.

Peace Out! ^_^
Bimtav's avatar
love this version of Rogue. Loved how you presented her.
JakeruFrost's avatar
Omg! I am so happy I finally found your page! You are the best Rogue cosplayer I have ever seen. Heart 
Ryoko-demon's avatar
That's awesome! Evolution Rogue<3
TheSoggo's avatar
nekomiKasai's avatar
i've always loved this version of Rogue
Fanner1234's avatar
This. Is the greatest cosplay. I have ever seen.
MemoKicus's avatar
Awesome :D real cartoon! :heart:  :D
Myrling's avatar
Omg... I dunno whether to love you or hate you right now, because these images totally makes me want a live action tv-series with X-Men Evolution!!! :shakefist: Nonetheless, and I bet you've heard it a lot now: AWESOME cosplay!!! :heart: :squee: Seriously, you're the spitting image of Rogue, it's almost uncanny! :aww:
adamsexy4800's avatar
I think you are an amazing Rogue
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