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Captain Amelia

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"Treasure planet" (Disney).
Me as Captain Amelia (costume, wig styling and makeup by me). Gun by Kifir.
Convention photo by Kifir :iconkifir: 2014

VIDEO (on the stage)
My other disney cosplays…

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Man you look pretty and badass at the same time. I don't know why movie creators would make them ugly when it comes to real life cuz for sure they'd add plenty of small objects such as a shoulder belt or extra medal on the outfit. Why can't they just copy the exact cartoon looks in real life?

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How did  you make the tricorn by the way? Did you buy a pattern for that?
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Astounding cosplay! :wow:
Birix's avatar
Top of the line cosplay and pictorial.
drakebellsniece's avatar
Seraph-Colak's avatar
Did you have to make those boots or did you purchase them from somewhere? 
TalonArt's avatar
This is spot on. Amazing. How did you even. Any advice for cosplayers who want to get thigh high boots like that? *-*
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im amazed!!!!!
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she uses a space rifle. really. Riot. why have you not made a Galactic officer caitlyn skin yet. it's steampunk it shows authority. MAKE it purple and credit disney. and be done with it!
JustinSpencer1992's avatar
Wow now you make a good Captain Amelia and pretty sexy too :)
carnifex45's avatar
OK this an Rei - Asuka are just awesome. Excellent costume work!
matarioshka's avatar
Amazingly done! :heart:
Shadowkey392's avatar
8l!  Espeically the oversized rifle!
Sophiathehusky333's avatar
amazing! i love the boots and the weapon the most. :'D
Is that REAL!? Does there exist a real replica of that laser musket from the movie?
Kazita's avatar
FANTASTIC cosplay. top notch recreation of this character
Vrekandis's avatar
That's one heck of a big weapon there...:D
My girlfriend mentioned that she really like the those boots and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got them. Thank you. Great cosplay by the way. 
OneHellOfAPuppet's avatar
Amazing! How did you do the boots and gloves? I'm planning to do a cosplay for her in the future.
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I've always admired this shot, and the props, and the overall amazingness of this costume, but am finally commenting only now.

The only thing I disliked about this character was that overbearing shade of green eyeshadow in the movie; you've somehow fixed it here! And normally I don't care at all what sort of physique a cosplayer has relative to the character they're playing, but with such an impossible figure that the drawn version of Amelia had, your own slender build here really was essential in matching the character with such realism without looking impossible or as if the photo had been retouched!

I really cannot like this cosplay enough.
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