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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me doing wig commissions for them. Prices would depend on the style and how much the base wig would cost. I have done a lot of spikey wigs. Here are some of examples of my work:

Will do the commissions over Christmas break!

-Joker from Batman Commission: Joker Wig by xYaminogamex

-Tai from Digimon: Digimon: Taichi by xYaminogamex (will not replicate)

-Cloud from Final Fantasy Commission: Cloud Wig by xYaminogamex Photobucket

-Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2: Commission: Sora Wig by xYaminogamex Kingdom Hearts 2: Nakama by xYaminogamex Photobucket

-Third from Jyu-Oh-Sei: Photobucket

-Tenten from Naruto: Photobucket Photobucket

-Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Host Club: Ouran Host Club: Passion by xYaminogamex Ouran Host Club: Love Triangle by xYaminogamex

-Ash from Pokemon: Photobucket

-Misty from Pokemon: Pokemon: Misty by xYaminogamex Me and my :icontematime: did this one together. (will not replicate)

-Gary from Pokemon: Photobucket

-Ranma from Ranma 1/2 Ranma: Anything Goes by xRoxyryokox Photobucket

-Sakura from Tsubasa: Tsubasa: Sakura-Hime by xYaminogamex Photobucket (I didn't do this one completely by myself but I believe I can do it)

-Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho Photobucket

Commissions: OPEN

1.The Joker for TheOrangeSwirl: :: PAID :: COMPLETED :: (Due October 22ish)

1. Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2 for :iconsoysauce070886:: Awaiting half of payment:: Finished being Styled (Due in January)
2. Chouji from Naruto Shippuden for Psi Knight: ::Received 3/4 of payment:: Have wig t:: (Due December 26ish)
3. Dark for Hina-chan410 ::awaiting payment:: (Due end of January)

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how much would you charge for a vanitas and a sora wig?