No journals in 3 years? WTF!

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Looks like I don't write in my journal enough. *Shrugs* No one reads it anyway. So here's an update just for the future me...

Not working at the moment. Lots of free time while finding work. Really into making wallpapers for RetroPie (Raspberry Pi OS). Got a motorcycle. Been riding a lot and trying to get in to get my license. If you don't camp out at the DMV, you don't get to take your test. >_<

That's about my life at the moment.

Mood: Good. Have a headache.
Listening To: Sega Genesis OSTs
Reading: Smut
Watching: Summer 2015 Anime
Playing: Nothing, if you can believe it.
Eating: Just got done with Hamburger Soup
Drinking: What else? Dr. Pepper :D
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