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Pirotess Wallpaper

By Ryokai
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Pirotess, the misguided, sexy, dark-elf from Record of Lodoss War. Painted this tribute in 4k resolution. I suppose I'll have to get a new monitor some day. Might as well be ready for it. I'd like to say I will do lots more tributes, but we'll see. Ryokai, Pirotess, done. :D
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I wish Pirotess would have survived. She was so cool and beautiful (.__.)
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She's one of my favorites elves. Nice work :)
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Thank you, Mayleth. She's one of mine as well. She needs more love. :D
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Hey, no problem. The fun thing about Lodoss elves, I could never get over how HUGE their ears were, compared to elves in other stories. Personally I always liked Deedlit and Pirotess' biiiig long ears. :D