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Uploaded tutorial of "Go forward and forward"

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you start in black and white? and omg so much fur, kudos to you. thanks for giving insight to how you work. :)
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Outstanding! Thanks a lot :nod:
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Incredible. Thanks a lot.
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thanks for this! :clap: :clap:
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Amazing! Really!
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wow, thats so great, i love this drawing =D
do you use references?
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great help, thanks
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That seems very helpful! :D I now need to learn how to use photoshop... -_-'
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thank youuu < 3
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amazing! thanks!
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That is sweet!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
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Amazing art, amazing everything. Love this.
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Great tutorial!
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cool:D tnx for showing... makes person appreciate your work even more when seen how it's done
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wow awesome!!!
you've got much more patience than I......and I've got a lot of patience..
thanks for this. Even though I don't paint or use photoshop I find stuff like this to be helpful in other media as well.
take care....drive safely
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