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Hair and Fur Photoshop Brushes

Here are some brushes I use to paint hair and fur. I made them all myself but of course there will be a ton of similar looking brushes out there. These are made with Photoshop CS6, so I´m not sure if these will work for older versions. The three examples on the right side show you how your result may look, so go crazy and try some combinations of these brushes.
I hope this will be useful and that you will have fun painting with them :)
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Dankeschön, schauen gut aus

los voy a probar y comento de nuevo

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So amazing!

Thank you :D

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Thank you! So amazing!
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I can't download :c
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Hm, I just tried and the download worked for me. Maybe there was a temporary bug on the page? One more try maybe?

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You're right! I just try again and it works!
 Excelente, thank you so much!
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Say me 404 Not faound when i try to download 
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I can't download them, I hit the download button and it says 404 error not found
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Love your fur brushes. Thank you.
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If only you had a png for Fire Alpaca and Medibang users TwT
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Use this brush here Savage Jedi by LFGProductions
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I don't  have photoshop so I will try to use it as a reference  to creat them! Thanks a lot! This help beginner artistes like me!:D
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how do i create them as a brush?
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