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Anime Rainbow: Red like Kenshin



The Rainbow is back! I must admit, I need a bit time to get back into this style but I will be fine after a while. This time I felt very nostalgic so I decided to draw anime characters from my youth. There are so much I have never drawn in all those years!
Let´s start with red and world´s most adorable mass murderer: Himura Kenshin! Rurouni Kenshin was one of the very first manga I ever bought. My friend Biggi´s sister sent her the anime box from China and this dubbing still makes us laugh today! Wispy little Kenshin is voiced by a (middleaged?) man with a very deep solid voice! It´s hillarious, especially if you keep switching between the Japanese and Chinese audio tracks XD

I like Kenshin! He seems incredibly useful! I mean, where do you find a polite man, who voluntarily cleans and cooks and casually strikes fear into the heart of your enemies? Kenshin you could move in with me anytime!
Well I am off to draw Orange :) Hope I will meet you there!

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