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Triforce Papercraft Degraded 1

Este es mi segundo Diseño de Papercraft, no siendo un modelo dificil es raro que nadie lo haya hecho antes.

Hice 4 versiones, una de color amarillo plano y una con color amarillo degradado, mas 2 modelos con la leyenda en cada triangulo "Wisdom, courage, power"

click Download para el modelo completo


This is my second design Papercraft, not being a model difficult it is rare that nobody has done before.

I did 4 versions, a yellow plane and a yellow degraded, but 2 models with the legend in each triangle "Wisdom, courage, power"

Click Download for the full model
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hey, I created an updated version :D
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Está genial! No tendrás también la cresta que va debajo del triforce? :)
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hey, can I use this as a base for a plushie i wanna make?
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of course! only put a link to the original template. God luck! :)
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No way! You're that dude in Nintendo Power?


Question: What is the strip on the left for?

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yes im the dude in nintendo power many years ago XD

the left strip is for the inside of the triangles.
A papercraft simple enough that I can do it? AWESOME!
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Me encato tu versión de la TriForce...
I've been looking everywhere for one of these, thanks!
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Thank you! I'm so excited to make this :D.
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I work in the design department of a large printing company, and recently used our software and CAD table to recreate your papercraft as a die-line. I scaled it up, and scaled the glue flaps back to 5/8" (industry standard), so each triangle is 7" on each dimension. I created it from 20pt paperboard with gold foil laminated to one side, and produced the following result. I thought you'd be interested to see. :) [link]
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OMG!!! its amazing!!!! thxs for make it :D i make one in gold cardboard, but your work is amazing!!!

With your permision, i will upload the photo in my gallery (with your respective credits) soon :)
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I give permission gladly! Glad you like it! That Triforce is about to become a birthday gift to a friend who adores Legend Of Zelda. :)
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very cool! I might make this! :)
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whe i have time, y print this, and re-make one for me in Golden paper :)

Thxs for the comment, and enjoy ;)
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Sweet! Will print out tomorrow and glue together!
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I really like this~
It's simple, but awesome at the same time.

I also just made it as a gift for someone! ^-^
But I was stupid and couldn't figure out what to do with the thing on the left. ^-^; Didn't cut out the middle either...

But nice design, no matter how badly I failed it!
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The piece apart, is for inside of the structure

Good luck and enjoy :)
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In shorter words:
(En palabra pequeñas:)
Bueno trabajo.
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OwO genial!!! otro para armar >w<
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Awesome, I just made this and it turned out really cool, thanks
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Thanks for your comment, to encourage you and thank you for making this model. What is most gratifying for me to see that other people like my contribution and to dare to do it.

(sorry my english, google traduction XD)
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