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Snes Papercraft set

Este es mi primer modelo de papercarft, me parecio una falta grave que hubieran modelos de casi todas las consolas y no hubiera una de esta preciosidad y que fue la reina en su tiempo.

Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible este proyecto y disfrutenlo ;)

Click en Download para el tamaño completo

El modelo terminado esta aquí [link]


This is my first model papercarft, I found a serious error that had models of almost all consoles and had not one of this precious and that the queen was in her time.

Thanks to all those who made possible this project ;)

click Download to Full Size

The finished model is here [link]
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Es hermoso gracias por compartirlo!

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Hmm. I printed this at a smaller scale, and I changed it up a bit. I cut the controller tops and bottoms as separate pieces, glued them to 3mm card, and glued the strip with the L and R buttons on as a wraparound. Gluing them to card in this manner makes them solid and much more suitable for being held by an action figure.
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awesome! if you publish a picture y add ass a fav :)
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Would you by chance know what scale I could print it in for true size?
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no, y dont know the scale. but a snes size is like a letter paper size.
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:O Where is Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars!?!?!!?!
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What WhAt?! What sorcery is this???
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You're great at building papercraft models, but I have to say that I just finished making your pattern and I have to say it was the most frustrating papercraft I have ever made.
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Modelo terminado, gracias, Saludos.
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Que bueno :) gracias por realizarlo
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waaaaa esta ggenialosooo *O* te pasaaaste :D y mas encima chileno po loco x) es güeno encontrar compatriotas C:
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jajaja vale compa :)
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nice I trying to make it tomorrow
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This is great! We still have one that works, too. And it's so tiny! Everything is better minier. lol
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genia lo voy a hacer :)
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