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Tones in photoshop
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Published: March 1, 2005
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What you are about to see is something that is for web-comic based. The digital tones done using photoshop is not suitable for production-based, unless you have a very high-tech printer that can print in higher level of dpi o__O

Since people kept asking me about how to do tones in photoshop. This is just a basic example of how to do tones basically, and not how to do certain tones (you have to do that on your own). I expect that you should know how to do it based on the examples shown. :/ (if the links doesn't work, try again later)

1- [link]
2- [link]
3- [link]
4- [link]
5- [link]
6- [link]
7- [link]

It's like CG basically, only that the difference is that it's in black and white format, and that there's none of those shading stuff X3 You can skip using the oekaki tones shown if you want but i usually use them :/ since i hate my tones to look so.. silky. You can take referrences from the actual mangas and/or you could just scan in some of your leftover tones in high dpi format and then save it as a pattern in your photoshop (just select a part of it with a marquee tool, then edit > define pattern and then just fill in the area with the fill bucket that's got the pattern option toggled on)

Examples of the tones that i've made in photoshop :

[link] - done with the pencil tool and added noise filter.
[link] - done with the airbrush tool and added noise filter.
[link] - done by drawing the rose with white paint on a gray background (which is then noised)
[link] - done by using the airbrush tool, eclipse tool,dodge tool and burn tool. Noised then added oekaki tone.
[link] - done using airbrush tool, then using the sparkle-shaped brush option. Then burn a bit on the edges here and there.

That's all i can say, i'm bad at teaching so i'm just doing my job in giving out the main idea. Just try it out or, if you're plain lazy, just find some available custom-made tones off some sites. :3
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SECONDARY-TARGETHobbyist Digital Artist
Just to let you know, the 4th link doesn't work no matter how hard I tried. I consider you update with the new one. Thank you
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AyaNyuHobbyist Digital Artist
I love you!~ :iconiloveyouplz:
beefeebrillate's avatar
beefeebrillate Filmographer
omg you saved my life! thank you sooo much :icondeathhugplz:
ruala--x's avatar
ruala--xStudent General Artist
Ooh, I've been wanting to try a look like this! Thanks for the tutorial!
Falceto's avatar
Finally! I've found the easiest way on toning! Thank you! ^^
RikusShadow's avatar
Does this work for Photoshop Elements, too?

I haven't played around in it, so I'm not sure if it does or not. ^^;

This is a great tutorial, though. I'll be sure to use it if I ever get CS.
Doodley's avatar
The noise filter is the best!
Thanks for the tip!
yamazakimiyu's avatar
yamazakimiyuHobbyist General Artist
Nice one! Thanks for sharing.
The-Diet-Elf's avatar
The-Diet-ElfProfessional Traditional Artist
THANK you. So much. /= |
Fantisation's avatar
FantisationHobbyist Digital Artist
Really cool tutorial! Neatly organized! It was easy to understand, so I picked right up! P:

I only have two questions:

So when you say "get some tones from an oekaki" are you just repeating the tone in, like, a small canvas, then save it and open it in PS?

And, after Step 5, did you eliminate the rest of the screen tone with the eraser, or something?

Thenkyeww. :D
Kamachu's avatar
KamachuStudent Digital Artist
Thats what I needed to knowww~ thankies! :3
that-thing-Eli's avatar
Is it ok if we use these? That would be awesome:D This tuturial-very helpful ~~ thanks for making it -^^-
luviebelle's avatar
I was unable to find the tones in the 4th link. Do you have a specific website i can find them at?
holy-shpootnik's avatar
This is really handy!
I'll be trying it right away! >w<

Thank you!
photoshoptutors's avatar
i enjoed the concept behind this [dirty tones]

very nifty


p.s. drop by the club sometime
rdfng's avatar
Wow, this is useful and a great idea! I'll keep this tutorial in mind when I'm using Photoshop! :+fav:
Sorairo's avatar
*can't remember if I posted or not, so I shall do so now, sorry if I already did before too :P*

This is really helpful and great, thank you soo much!!
yukidragon's avatar
yukidragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for taking the time out to show everyone how to make such wonderful tones using Photoshop. I certainly found it very informative. =D
Daiko-n's avatar
would it be okay if I were to use two of your tones?
-I will definately credit you
...I love the plaid one :heart: so this will be going into my favorites just for that~

thanks in advance!

(pray for me)
ryo-hakkai's avatar
Lol go ahead, i don't mind.
Riksor's avatar's all about the noise.
okay. thanks for that.
*waddles away to experiment*
DianaC's avatar
DianaCProfessional Interface Designer
Hey!! Thanks a lot for this little help. But you say that this kind of tones can't be used on a comic that will be printed... if, let's say, somehow magical things happened and the moon turn around three times.... ^^; hehe, now seriusly, what should I do if I wanted to print my doujin, not in a common printer but in a litography, to make it massive... what then? (hohoho, I'm so optimistic... )
bizarro4's avatar
wow, awesome tutorial! thanks so much for making it!
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