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I Once Saw A Deer

So this was for my 'Conversations' University project brief. The idea was to create an experimental typeface based on a conversation we eavesdropped on. My conversation was on the 'Park & Ride' bus to the big Staples just out of town (piss take to get to otherwise).

Anyways, I overheard these women who appeared to be friends since a young age (now in their fifties), talking about how one of the women's daughter lived in Scotland and saw a deer. she then went on to start talking about green policies etc. The other friend was like, 'Since when were you a tree hugger?' I guess it just amused me to hear them and decided to use that as my conversation.

So when I got off the bus I decided I'd make my typeface out of twigs and leaves; 100% natural, to fit in with the eco friendly theme. I then bought a whopping great big bamboo stick from the local flourists, unfortunately I never used the stick... shame. Perhaps another time. I also bought some Raffia ribbon to tie the sections together.

Aaaaaanyways, I made each individual letter (the complete alphabet) out of a small selection of twigs and one bundle of raffia ribbon, took a picture of them (borrowing my flatmate's tripod) and then de-constructed the letter to make the next one.

The deer/stag/whatever was a bitch to make and again, is 100% natural. In honour of the woman and her daughter, I decided to call the typeface 'I Once Saw A Deer'. I'm also thining of naming my next Artbook after this. ENJOY!

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loving the hippy typeface ha!
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lmao yeah I know right!
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thankyou very much!