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F*ck... I really don't want to do this...
UPDATE July 20th, 2018 -- 
I will update once things are sorted. For now I have a tracking at the bottom of this journal to keep track of how much earned and donated. 
Thank you all for your help and again, I'm not happy about the situation but it's good to know that it can be sorted =/ 
I really really don't want to do this. 
But, I have literally no f*cking choice. I'm not going to get into what all happened because it's personal and I'm not in a good place of mind to deal with explaining it. However, I will do my best with as much reasonable context as I can so it's legible. 
I'll also throw this in here that NO, this not a scam or some trivial thing asking for money. This isn't a joke. 
Long story short -- I thought I'd sorted a debt, that it was paid up enough to where I could do payments alongside a regular bill (which is easy for me at this point which is why I opted for that). Turns out -- No, that didn't happe
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It always seems... wrong.
As if there is a void, an empty space, a hole you might call it.
And I’ll have nothing to fill it with.
And I’ll end up falling in the hole, the hole of despair.
And I’ll probably fight, struggle to get out.
But thoughts will come to my head.
To my mind, and they will tell me to give up, to stop trying.
And I will stop.
I will believe that they’re right.
And I will give up.
I’ll let go.
And I’ll stay there, in the hole of despair,
In my prison,
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I draw mostly fanart, especially Warrior Cats. I am also a fan of Harry Potter, Welcome to Night Vale, Five Nights at Freddy's, Markiplier, Game Theory, Portal 1/2, Doctor Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, Steven Universe, Pokémon, Hamilton, and BBC Sherlock
I also write a few short fanfics every once in a while because though I love drawing, I am a writer at heart.
I am a loyal follower of Jesus Christ and I am a loyal Nerdfighter. DFTBA!
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The original Warriors fanfic I wrote about my OC, Robinflame, circa 2013. I completely forgot this existed. I didn't even start at the beginning of the actual story that I wanted it to be.
Beware for absurdly fast pacing and some rather sub-par writing from a 13-year-old.
For context, Robinflame is half-Clan with a ShadowClan father who joins ThunderClan, and then her sister dies from a fox attack, and I think I was eventually going to end up with her as leader? I don't know. Also she somehow has RiverClan blood, and I don't remember how that happened. I guess her father was also supposed to be half-Clan??? 

    Turn, slash, parry, jump, claw, repeat.... Great StarClan, Icepaw's good! I let Icepaw pin me down, going limp. He loosened his grip, and I exploded upwards, sending him straight into the waiting claws of Grasspaw, who did the same with Twigpaw. Twigpaw leapt at me, but as he landed, I slid out of the way and sprang on his back, where I proceeded to pummel him.
    "I give in!" he yowled.
    Berrynose stepped forward from where he had been watching. "Twigpaw, you need to learn to predict her next move. She knew you were going to leap on her, so she acted accordingly. That was a good move," he added, addressing me. "I don't think I've seen that before."
    "I just used my instinct," I replied modestly. "I know that I can cause a lot of pain when I strip fur from the back, so I try to get on top of them. Plus," I mused, "it'll spoil their looks for the next few moons." For the first time, I noticed how painfully obvious it was that Berrynose wasn't Clanborn. No Clan cat would ever have that pelt color.
    Icepaw walked towards me. "Nice job with that move," he meowed. "I thought you had given in."
    I purred, "You did well also! I didn't know you could fight like that! StarClan help whoever you fight." Twigpaw scowled at his brother. I dismissed it. Icepaw was clearly the superior fighter, surely Twigpaw was jealous of his skill. A dribble of something wet ran down my face.
    "You're bleeding!" Icepaw gasped.
    Amberstone, who had been unusually silent, stepped forward and sniffed me. "You must have opened up your ear wound," she meowed.
    Icepaw stared at me. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you," he mewed.
    I licked his cheek. "It's not your fault. I'm not the only one who will need to see Jayfeather. Twigpaw is going to be sore tomorrow," I purred.
    "We should do this more often," Amberstone meowed. "These four work well together."
    Berrynose nodded. I felt a warm glow spreading in my chest, that I could defend my Clan against any enemy. 
    As we walked back to camp, Icepaw and I struck up a conversation.
    "What do you think of Onestar's threats?" Icepaw asked.
     My ears grew hot. "I wasn't really listening," I confessed.
    "He took land from the other side of the border," he growled. "OUR border! Bramblestar can't stand for this. He has to fight!"
     I had never seen Icepaw so vehement, so eager to fight. He had always struck me as a peacemaker, but I after fighting him myself, I knew I was wrong. I stared past the trees, as if I could see WindClan's border. I knew there was a small stretch of woodland on their side of the stream. "Maybe we could take back our territory, and secure the trees! We wouldn't have to worry about them learning how to fight like we do, among brambles and bushes." I turned the plan over in my mind, feeling very clever.     Amberstone glanced back towards us. "That IS a good idea, but WindClan could take it back easily," she pointed out.
  I thought for a moment. "We could put really strong scent markers, and patrol with our strongest warriors." My voice grew excited. "We could even have a night patrol!"     
    Icepaw looked at me curiously.  "You know," he meowed slowly, "you might be a good deputy one day. Maybe even a leader!" I purred happily at his praise. 
    We arrived at camp, frozen down to the tips of our claws from the snow that was falling. Bouncekit, Tanglekit, and Tuftykit had opened their eyes a few sunrises earlier, and already were making as much mischief as a pack of foxes. They dashed toward us, skidding to a halt at our paws.
    Boucekit's amber eyes were wide as she looked at us. "Wow," she breathed. "Real apprentices!"
    My whiskers twitched. I nudged Amberstone. "Were we like that?" I asked.
    "No, you were too brave. You went around banishing foxes and trying to climb the camp walls. Even the elders got tired of you sometimes!"
    Tuftykit crouched down. "Will you play with us?" he pleaded.
     I looked at Amberstone. She flicked her tail and nodded. Bouncekit, true to her name, bounced around in excitement. Tanglekit dashed inside the nursery, returning with a moss ball.
    I scooped it up and dangled it in front of the kits. "Do you want it?" I asked.
    Bouncekit jumped up and down. "Yes! Yes!"
    My whiskers twitched. "I don't know," I meowed. "You don't want it enough."
    Tanglekit wiggled her haunches. "Oh yes, we do! We do!" I flung the ball across the clearing, and the kits hared after it.
    Icepaw padded over to the fresh-kill pile as I sat down. He returned with a tough, nearly frozen crow. He flung it down at my paws. "Here," he said.
    "Wanna share?" I asked. He nodded vehemently. As he leaned downwards, I stuck out a paw. "I don't eat through feathers," I warned. Unsheathing a claw, I stripped the feathers away cleanly, Icepaw patiently waiting. When I finished, he marveled at the neat pile of feathers by my paws.
    "How'd you learn that?" My muzzle was already deep in cold crow, and I had to pause before I could answer. "Rockybriar taught me. He did it all the time in ShadowClan." Icepaw, unlike all the other cats in the Clan, save for my littermates and mother, didn't flinch when I mentioned my father's original Clan. I liked that.
And here we have an example of me not knowing how to write the next scene, so I skipped forward in time and meant to go back and fill in the rest.
    I sent the small rock skidding towards Whistlepaw. He in turn flung it to Icepaw. Icepaw slid it past Grasspaw, who was guarding the goal. Grasspaw dragged the rock out of the goal, keeping her paw firmly fixed on it. As soon as she took her paw off,  Icepaw dived at it. Grasspaw scampered out of the way just as a crack appeared beneath Icepaw's paw.
    The ice squealed with protest as Icepaw's legs buckled beneath him with fear. I caught a glimpse of Icepaw's terrified face just before the ice beneath him fell, and he disappeared into the dark water. Without thinking, I plunged into the freezing water, letting my eyes adjust. I thanked StarClan for my RiverClan blood as I pushed myself lower. A lighter shape punctuated the blackness. I kicked down and grasped Icepaw's scruff. His eyes were closed, and he didn't move as I dragged him to the surface. In the water, he was nearly weightless. I flung a paw over the side of the hole, feeling paws grasp my flank to help pull me up. I refused help when Mosspaw tried to take Icepaw from me. I scrabbled out of the hole, Icepaw's thick tail catching on the jagged ice. I couldn't force myself to stop shaking as I thought of Icepaw. I crouched next to him, willing him to be okay. He coughed feebly, and opened his eyes. I found myself locked in his blue gaze.
    "You saved me," he whispered.
    "Don't die, you stupid furball," I murmured.
    Amberstone, who had been watching from the shore, appeared at my side with Jayfeather. "Amberstone and Twigpaw, lift him." Jayfeather's face was tight with worry, but his mew revealed nothing out of the ordinary. "Robinpaw, I want you in the medicine den. Frostpaw, keep an eye on her." Frostpaw's large blue eyes were troubled as she put a tail over my shoulders to guide me off of the ice. 
    Poppydawn* leapt to her paws as we entered the camp. "Where is he?" she screeched.
    Frostpaw left me to reassure Poppydawn. I trudged to the medicine den, very conscious of my dripping fur. Once I was away from prying eyes, I shook myself, ridding my fur of most of the water.
    Frostpaw came in, gesturing with her tail towards an empty nest. "Rest," she ordered. I opened my mouth to protest, but she silenced me with a wave of her tail. I sighed, and flopped down in the nest. Amberstone and Twigpaw, supporting Icepaw, arrived, Jayfeather in tow. They gently laid Icepaw on the vacated nest next to mine.
    He was violently shivering, his teeth clacking together. Jayfeather scanned the shelves of herbs. "Feverfew, chamomile, burnet, and catmint," he muttered to Frostpaw as he selected herbs from the shelves.
    Frostpaw thought for a moment. "The chamomile to calm him, burnet to strengthen him, feverfew to reduce chills, catmint to ward away greencough," she meowed.
    Jayfeather nodded as he dropped them in front of Icepaw. Icepaw groaned and weakly licked them up, shuddering. Jayfeather dropped catmint, chamomile, and feverfew by my nest. I wrinkled my nose as I lapped them up. Frostpaw hurried to the shelves, returning with some poppy seeds.
    "They'll help you sleep," she explained. "I don't need to sleep," I growled. "I need to make sure he's okay."
    Frostpaw bent down and touched my nose. "That's my job," she whispered. I sighed, gulped down the seeds, and let myself wander into sleep. 
    "You can go back to the apprentice den today," Jayfeather informed us two sunrises later.
    Icepaw gave an excited bounce, and as we walked away, he turned to me. "Thanks again," he mewed. I stroked his flank with my tail with a purr. Icepaw, only a mouse-length higher than me, bent his neck to lick my cheek.
    "Oh. Robinpaw. Icepaw." We whirled around to see Twigpaw. He looked as if he had just been betrayed by his best friend. His eyes were pained, but his meow was cold. "I didn't know you were out of the medicine den," he meowed through clenched teeth.
    I didn't know what to say. Icepaw did. "I'm sorry."
    Twigpaw snarled, "Seems like you two got very friendly in there."
    Icepaw squared his shoulders, and stepped forward to meet his littermate. "I'm not your shadow, BROTHER. I can choose my friends, or... my dearest friends." I was surprised, but didn't show it.
    Twigpaw curled his lip, his eyes still pained. "I'll leave you two lovebirds to it, then," he growled. He turned around and stalked out of camp.
    Icepaw turned to me, a bit sheepish. "I... Sorry," he said. I said nothing, just licked his cheek, a long, slow lick. 
time skip time skip everyone loves time skips
    Grasspaw and I lashed out our paws at each other, Grasspaw's hits attacking, mine defending. We stopped for a moment. "Snowfang says we're having our final assessment soon," Grasspaw meowed.
    I stopped for a moment. "Great!" I purred. Grasspaw stopped as well. I had a sudden idea. "Why don't you and I split up, disguise or scents, and try to find each other? First one found... does the other's chores for a moon!" Grasspaw nodded.
    I bounded off towards the WindClan border. As soon as I knew Grasspaw could no longer see or hear me, I turned my pawsteps toward the ShadowClan border, thinking of the pungent herbs in the abandoned Twoleg nest. When I arrived at the nest, I coughed at all the scents. I closed my eyes, and let my paws drift towards the strongest scent. I opened my eyes. Tansy. Dropping down, I rolled on the aromatic leaves that had fallen from the plant, careful not to damage the fresh shoots. When my pelt was fully smothered in the scent, I shook myself and proceeded to sniff for any sign of Grasspaw. There. A faint, faint scent floated on the wind. I sprang over a fallen trunk towards the scent.
    The strong smell of bracken nearly made me turn away from the trail, but Grasspaw was likely to have used that scent to disguise herself. I carried on, now stalking. A flash of silver ahead alerted me. I sprang at it, but found myself instead on a bramble bush, rather than Grasspaw. Grasspaw had cleverly placed a tuft of her fur on the bush to lead me astray. I scrambled out of the bush, spitting out bits of thorns. Next thing I knew, I was being pummeled by very familiar paws.
    "Mouse dung!" I spat.
    Grasspaw climbed off of me. "You lose," she purred.

    "Oh, really?" I sprang at her, gripping her scruff loosely. She shoved me off with her back paws, swiping at my face with her front paw. She gave a great snarl, but her lips didn't move. She backed away from me, trembling. 
    I slowly turned around. Above me, there was a large fox, staring at us. I backed away, flattening my ears. The fox took a step forward. I bared my teeth, trying to look threatening. Grasspaw trembled next to me. In a flash, the fox sprang forward. I waited for pain to overtake me, but nothing did. The fox had aimed for Grasspaw. My fear vanished. Hot, fiery rage replaced it. 

Again, even though it was a "climactic and dramatic scene", I didn't feel like finishing it. Grasspaw dies, Robinpaw manages to kill the fox (by using the same move she used in training) and is immediately made a warrior.

    I bent down towards Amberstone. "Are you okay? Should I get Jayfeather?" I was worried, to say the least.
    Amberstone gritted her teeth and shook her head. "Go. I'll be fine here."     
    I turned and squeezed out of the nursery. Icethorn was waiting for me. "Robinflame! There you are! Bramblestar wants you on a hunting patrol," he meowed. He waved his tail to where Graystripe, Tanglepaw, Starlingtuft, and Spiderleg were waiting by the camp entrance.
    I padded over and joined my hunting patrol with a nod of gratitude to Icethorn, whose chest puffed out a bit. Graystripe leaned down to whisper in my ear, "Are you alright?"
    I nodded. "I'm worried about Amberstone," I confessed.
     "We all are," he reassured me. "First births are always hard on the Clan. She'll be alright," he added, seeing the uneasy look on my face. I took up a position at the rear of the patrol, where I unconsciously watched for foxes, in order to protect Tanglepaw.
    Spiderleg glanced over his shoulder. "Robinflame! Come up to the front!" I quickened my pace.
    "Where should we hunt?" Graystripe asked to no one in particular. 
    I glanced at Spiderleg. "The Sky Oak?" I suggested. Graystripe nodded in agreement. We set off, pausing every once in a while to allow the small Tanglepaw to catch up with us. Eventually we arrived at the Sky Oak, where we could practically taste the prey already.  Tanglepaw launched herself up the trunk, pursuing hidden prey. I set off around the trunk of the tree where I had discovered a hollow beneath the roots while I was roughhousing with my sister. Sure enough, I could hear a mouse scuttling around. I swept my paw in, and drew it back out in a heartbeat with a warm mouse on my claw, then scraped some earth over the mouse.         A sharp crack from the branches of the trees startled me, and I heard a wail. I tipped my head back, squinting in the sunlight, to find Tanglepaw dangling helplessly from her forelegs from a thin branch that was bending quickly with her weight. "Tanglepaw!" Spiderleg cried out. I sprang up the trunk. 
    "Robinflame! You'll be killed," hissed Graystripe. 
    "So will she! I'm the lightest warrior. No offense, but you two wouldn't stand a chance," I hissed back. Remembering one of my first days as an apprentice, I easily made my way up to the scraggly branches where Tanglepaw was hanging. Treading carefully now, I lightly placed a paw on her branch, allowing it to dip with my weight. Tanglepaw scrabbled frantically with her forepaws, desperately trying to get a grip. "Hold still," I hissed. I gently padded onto the thin branch, a whisker away from death. I reached forward and grabbed Tanglepaw's scruff, slowly dragging her towards me. She was heavy, and my neck felt like it was going to snap. I backed down from the thin branches slowly, feeling for each pawhold. We breathed a sigh of relief when we reached the sturdier branches, where I gently deposited Tanglepaw before sitting down, my legs trembling.
    We sat there for what seemed like moons. "What... In the name of STARCLAN... Were you doing up there?!" I asked, still panting.     Tanglepaw shuffled her dappled paws, embarrassed. "There was a bird. I just wanted to show off to my littermates that I'm good at climbing," she mewed meekly.
    "Have they been teasing you about your climbing?" I asked. She nodded imperceptibly. I sighed. "Well, everyone is embarrassed once in a while. They'll find something else to talk about soon enough." 
    "Robinflame! Tanglepaw! Are you alright?" Graystripe was peering anxiously into the leaves.
    "We're fine!" I yowled. I gently sprang down onto the trunk and slid down, Tanglepaw following suit. Spiderleg hurried forward to check on his apprentice, while Graystripe sniffed me over anxiously.
    "You're sure you're okay?" he asked. I nodded. Graystripe breathed a sigh of relief. "Rockybriar would never forgive me if you came back in pieces. Icethorn wouldn't forgive me either," he explained.
    My whiskers twitched as I forgot that Graystripe was much, MUCH older than me. Graystripe responded with a rumbling purr.           Spiderleg padded over to us. "I think we should keep hunting," he suggested. I nodded, and turned towards the Sky Oak. I sprang up to where the sturdy branches hung.
    "I swear that there's a squirrel in here," I announced. I pricked my ears at a nearby rustle in the leaves, where a squirrel was darting through the branches of a neighboring tree. My eyes narrowed as I tracked the squirrel from branch to branch. I deftly sprang into the tree where the squirrel was, making sure to keep my movements light. I let my instincts take over; they worked better for me than my training when it came to trees. Swift, quiet leaps brought me closer to my prize, who found itself busy with a few nuts. I wiggled my haunches, and sprang, but the squirrel darted away at the last second, thus leading me on a chase across the trees.
    "Oh no you don't," I growled as it nearly slipped through a hole in a hollow tree. I slammed my paw down, missing by a mouselength. "Fox dung!" I spat. I sat up. The Sky Oak was three or four trees away by now. I sighed, and began to make my way back to my patrol. When I came in view of my patrol, I saw that they were face to face with a WindClan patrol. I dropped from the trees. "What's the problem?" I asked.
    "They stole ThunderClan prey!" Tanglepaw snarled.
    "These fleabags deliberately crossed the border and hunted in OUR territory," Graystripe growled.
    My hackles stood on end as Heathertail sneered, "What are you going to do about it? ThunderClan couldn't fend off a mouse!"     Three more cats behind Heathertail took up defensive positions. I glanced at Graystripe. He nodded slightly; I leapt at Heathertail, who screeched. I barely landed a blow on her before a sturdy WindClan tom dragged me off, his claws ripping through my fur. I screeched in agony as his claws scored my back. I shook him off best I could and looked around.
    Graystripe was currently doing battle with a lithe she-cat, and Tanglepaw was helping Spiderleg corner a third cat. "You fox-hearts," I snarled. I twisted and landed a blow across the tom's eye. He recoiled, spitting furiously. That was all I needed. I slipped underneath him and exploded upwards, throwing him off balance and knocking him into Heathertail.
    She stood up. "WindClan, I think we've shown ThunderClan how to be polite," she sneered. She signaled to her cohorts to leave, abandoning their illicit fresh-kill. I scraped earth over it, trying to get rid of the foul WindClan stench. We unearthed our fresh-kill and headed back to camp, tired and foul-tempered from our scrape.
    Icethorn and Rockybriar hurried up to me, bombarding me with questions. I turned crossly away from my mate and my father, instead padding to the nursery.
    Amberstone stirred in her nest. "Robinflame. Are you alright?" she asked.
    "We got into a scrape with WindClan. Could be worse. Could be better. I just didn't want to talk to Icethorn and my father," I meowed.
    Her whiskers twitched.  "Toms can be stifling sometimes," she purred. Go see Jayfeather. He'll fix you up." I nodded and headed out. Icethorn was waiting.
    "Robinflame! Tell me what happened! Are you okay? Do you need to see Jayfeather?" His genuine worry softened my mood.     
    I stretched upwards and touched my nose to his ear. "I'm fine," I mewed softly. Quickly turning so I could dodge further questions, I joined Graystripe in the medicine den. He had a cut trickling blood down his face, and a nasty bite wound on his foreleg. "Are you okay?" I asked.
    "I'll live. You look worse," he added upon seeing my scratched and patchy back. I tried to shrug, which only resulted in a jolt of pain. Jayfeather padded over to Graystripe with a bundle of herbs.     
    "Frostpaw," he grunted. "Take care of the others, would you?" I winced at Frostpaw's apprentice name. She won't get her full name for moons, I thought.
    Frostpaw's gentle voice shook me from my thoughts. "Marigold to stop infection," she murmured as she slathered ointment on my wounds. I winced at the sting.  "Anything else?" Frostpaw asked.
    I carefully stretched out each leg in turn. My front left began to ache. I nodded, indicating my leg. She felt it with her paw.
    "You'll be fine," she meowed."Jayfeather told you to stay off it. What were you doing in battle?" 
    I lashed my tail. "I don't CHOOSE to go into battle. Let's see how well YOU remember to stay off your leg when you have a WindClan warrior on YOUR pretty white fur!" I spat. Frostpaw reeled back.
    "Frostpaw, leave the warriors to brood. They don't like it when they go into battle. Leave Robinflame alone," Jayfeather growled.  He gave me a curious, knowing look. "Frostpaw, take the rest into the clearing. It's too crowded here."
    Frostpaw nodded, and stalked out of the den, only to reemerge a heartbeat later. "It's raining," she complained. Jayfeather flashed her a look, and she turned right back around, signaling for Graystripe and the other to follow her. They did so, leaving Jayfeather and I alone.
    He circled me curiously. "Robinflame," he rumbled. "A warrior too soon." 
    "Ye-es," I said slowly. "Wha-" A clap of thunder interrupted me, as did a great deal of yowling from the clearing. "Icethorn!" I screeched. Before Jayfeather could object, I leapt up and was out of the medicine den. I looked around wildly. A fire was blazing on the fallen tree, with Icethorn trapped between the cliff and the tree. Shoving aside a few apprentices, I shouldered my way through the stunned warriors. "Icethorn!" I yowled again. 
    "Robinflame!" he cried. I took a breath, then plunged into the branches, doing my best to ignore the flames licking at my sides. Icethorn was huddled away from the flames, blankly staring in horror at the inferno. 
    "Robinflame!" he cried, weaker this time. 
    I shouldered my way through the flames again, crying out in pain as a flame hit my tail. I grabbed his scruff with my teeth, dragging him through the branches. Rain pelted us, and the smell of singing fur corresponded with the pain of my tail. Jayfeather burst through the crowd.
    "Out of the way!" He ushered us into the medicine den, away from prying eyes. My head spun, and I collapsed in a dizzy heap, precious blackness covering my eyes, but not before I saw a blue-gray face lurking at the edge of the medicine den, winking at me.
    "Is she alright?"
    "Her tail was burned, but she'll recover."
    I blinked open my eyes. Medicine den once more. "Some day," I murmured groggily. "I'd like to wake up somewhere else than the medicine den."
    "You burned your tail," Jayfeather growled. "That's sufficient enough to be in the medicine den."
     I twitched my tail, which sent a wave of pain up my spine. I shuffled in my nest, turning so I could see my tail. The fur was blackened at the tip. I sighed. 
    "You're lucky to be alive," Jayfeather growled. "Bramblestar is not pleased with you."
    "Fox dung," I muttered. My mind was fuzzy. Something I needed to ask... "Icethorn!" I sat up sharply. "Where is he?" 
    Jayfeather flicked his tail to the nest next to mine. Sleeping peacefully was Icethorn, his flank gently rising and falling. His fur was singed and patched, and he had burn marks around his paws. 
    I sighed in relief. He looked so beautiful lying there, tail gently twitching. I felt as if I could watch him for moons. 
    Bramblestar shouldered into the den. "Robinflame!" he growled. "What were you thinking? You could've been killed!"
    "He would've died!" I snarled.
    Bramblestar glared. "You can tend to the elders for the next moon." He turned, but paused. "And no Gathering for you." 
    I was mutinous. I thumped my head down on my paws, glaring at nothing. 
    Jayfeather padded towards me. "The legacy of fire continues," he hissed. "The one of many with a fire in her tail has a destiny brighter than flame." His eyes were clouded, and his voice had a strange rasp. Suddenly, it was gone. His eyes were clear once more;  his voice returned to its usual briskness. 
    My eyes widened. "Is that... a prophecy?" I mewed. 
    He didn't reply. 

And that's all.
Vulpix Mirrored- My Take
My entry for the All Mediums- Your Take On It contest, featuring my take on Vulpix Mirrored by TamberElla. TamberElla 
I took a different direction with the mirror aspect, and then in the background you can see the silhouettes of the Ninetales. 
I was going to do some proper shading on the Vulpixes, but I got extremely frustrated and gave up. I had already spent several days drawing individual hairs by hand, and with the deadline approaching, I decided I was satisfied.
I used redheadstock's ice/frost brushes to add some finishing touches

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