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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been keeping busy with full-time work and other things. Unfortunately that means I don't have much time for personal work, but I do what I can. It seems this account has grown quiet over the past few years, and for that I apologize... but just to let you know, I now also have an Artstation if you'd like to keep up with what else I'm doing. There's not much there right now you haven't seen here except for some things I completed at work, but I reckon most of that won't be very interesting if you follow me primarily for my original stuff. But it's a living. :)

Hope everyone's new year is going as well as it can be, all things considered. Stay safe and stay good to yourselves and others.
It's been a while, huh?? Sorry for the silence in the journal. I've been working my butt off and dealing with a lot of stress this past year or so.

Most recent to report is I've just relocated to a new state for my first full-time career job! I'm drawin' stuff all day on a salary. Livin' the dream, aw yis. Plus my coworkers seem real cool and the environment is peaceful. Way better than retail, finally. So that is consuming a lot of my time and hopefully someday I'll be able to post a few things I've done, but that's a bit far into the future (NDA and all that).

Maybe I'll write more later but just wanted to drop a quick not to apologize for my silence and let everyone know I'm still out here in internet land, just (sort of) more active in alternate communities.

Hope everyone's year is going swell! Be good!

Heroes Con 2012 report

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 6:37 PM

Heroes Con 2012 isover!It went by rather quickly, considering I commuted an hour both ways each day of the weekend for it. It was my first time with a table there, third time going, period, and it was quite an experience. I've always enjoyed going in general because there's much more there that I enjoy seeing compared to an anime con, though those also are filled with great things.

A shout-out to anybody new coming to my page from my table. Hello! You have reached my Deviant Art! I'm not SUPER active on here anymore, but I do post finished pieces whenever I have them more or less as soon as I finish them as a means of getting it out there faster than updating my personal website, which I update the gallery of kind of in bulk (or when I've applied to a job I'm really hopeful for, nyyrhhhff).
I'm a writer as much as I am an illustrator; I  just don't get paid for that yet.  Most of my original work has something to do with unfinished works of fiction.

As for the rest of the con, it was so fun! I got to meet a lot of friendly faces, I shook a lot of hands, and I am so very grateful for everyone who stopped by to flip through my portfolio. I saw many great cosplays, many of which were family cosplays which are even more fun. I bought some toys, the 1-3 volume of Sky Doll, and a beautiful print from the immensely talented Daniel Govar, whom I met briefly when his fantasy work caught my eye.

Going to cons is extremely refreshing. I spend so much time away from the art crowd and so much interacting with... people outside that "niche," (and in a religious redneck town no less) that going to a con is a great way to really relax and be myself, and not feel awkward when I speak animatedly about something for a change, even if being around people all day is otherwise exhausting simply because I'm introverted by nature.

Plus my folks went to the con for a little while and they dropped by my table to see me, which makes the little kid in me very proud. XD