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Environment 028 - Tree City

Environment study for #Weekly-Environment

Trees of immense height, the canopy darkens the area so much that it's dark even under daylight. The city lights are always on for that reason. Only at a specific time each day, around 4pm, does the light actually shine towards the city through the gap in the trees made recently by woodcutters. It won't be long before that part would close as well, smaller trees taking the opportunity to get fresh sunlight and filling the gap.

"They say it was an experiment gone wrong, or nature striking back, depends on what preacher you listen to. Some even blatantly state it was all a conspiracy by the government to stop us from questioning them. No one knows at this point anymore, all that's clear is that the trees rose, everywhere, covering most of the world within only a few decades, their roots ruining most of what was once a thriving ground civilization. Fighting back proved futile, the growth exceeding the resistance by far. So humans made the only logical choice available - go up. And go up we did."

Felt like doing something generic for this theme, as the idea I had for it before was nice but unpractical in showing the full scale of the city. Initially I planned to have a full downwards look from a city platform towards the bottom, showing platforms, spiraling stairs, bridges, elevators and such.

This took a damn long time :S
Something like 4 hours
No sampling or ref though
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can i use it for my manga???
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Makes me think of the Z'chaya Temple Ruins from the LEGO Hero Factory Breakout game.  ^^;;
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What, these pictures are really good.
I can see your in to nature as well, I shall start publishing mine to.
Wish I knew tools you used.
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Have you been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver? Look up "treetop adventure", it totally reminds me of this picture!
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Reminds me of Final Fantasy 12 or a Tai Fu level with the monkey
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Awesome work. Reminds me of the Channelwood age in Myst.
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now i want to live there....
U know? it kind of looks like from avatar: the last airbender when they meet Jet
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Ahem... Kashyyyyk, Kashyyyk and Kashyyyk
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Wow, this is really great :la:
TheLifeIs-A-Carnival's avatar
Ewoks' village? Awesome drawing!
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There is a stage like this on a Dungeons and Dragons game on Xbox called Dungeons and Dragons Heroes... or is on Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance II?

Geh I can't remember, great work though!
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Dungeon Siege 2?
UahMarzuaAoatali's avatar
Just waiting for an Ewok to show p :)
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Your fantastic work has been featured in Friday Night Features.
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wow, thank you!
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I hope it doesn't offend you that my first thoughts were of Endor (Star Wars and the Ewok's tree city).

Personally, I'd think such a city would be lovely to live in and a wonderful adaptation to be "forced" to make. The idea of trees growing up suddenly and everywhere is amazing and not a fearful thing to me.
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So many people keep reminding me of it, it's weird...
But I'm not offended. It's nice being compared to a good creation - and something that doesn't remind anyone of anything is generally bad, since people wouldn't be able to find a connection to it.

I'd find it interesting to live in a city like that :), no concrete since they can't bring big quantities of it high up, new branches of technology to fit the new environment, a society generally based on adaptation and survival rather than wealth and accumulation since wooden resources are more than plentiful, and it's a flexible resource that can be used for a lot of things.
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