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Abandoned Toyota FT-86

By ryn004
I wonder how would the Toyota FT-86 would end up in 20 years time. Like with the old model (86 Corolla - aka AE86) you could find some of these cars rusting away, so I wonder what would the FT-86 look like if it were to be abandoned and let to rot......

Base image: [link]

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you're doing this well :)
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Even in 20 years I bet that GT86 wont go that bad.
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If its well-maintained, yes, but if its overall appearance shows aging and such, then its a different story. Just my opinion.
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Nice photoshop, but I doubt this will happen. Remember, the material of the FT86 is far better than that of the AE86, which was considered rust prone even in the 80s...
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Even new cars can rust or age after several years or more.
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Had to share this online, loved the concept & great execution;

Chilling to think it might happen - like those abandoned Ferrari F40s in Dubai
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That's messed up.
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neat concept! lol i guess we'll see in 20 years if this turns out to be true :P
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Where??? Mine!!!
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This sort of rust can be prevented. Easily. The misconception with cars is that after ten years or so of being used, they are worthless. But it isn't true. With the right amount of care and maintenance, cars can last even double or triple that time.
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True, but if its abandoned for a looong time, there's no guarantee that it would be restored, since most parts, both outside and inside, can't be repaired or replaced due to it being left to be completely rusty for many years (there'd be more futuristic cars in 20 years IMO).
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Plus, the vehicle would be deemed too expensive to be restored after it was left to rust and become non-functional for 20 years; in other words, it'll be as good as useless for it to be maintained.
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I drive a 1986 Toyota Pick up and it has a little rust on it. And when I drive by brand new Toyota Tundras and 4Runners I imagine that they will eventually look like mine. Link to my pickup-> [link]
Kind of sad...
Great picture, although the only thing I would change is that the GT-86 needs some damage more than decay. Like the window cracked or the bumper has a dent..
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