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Okay after critically analyzing my last two pages of PMDLG I have decided to redact them.

Reasons for redacting them consist of the following! 
1. I dun like the setting of the last two pages anymore, so I im changing it, and in doing so it will allow for quicker exposition without being too drawn out with pointless action.
2. I made a better design for The dungeon anchor
3. already scripted 3 pages that will carry on from Page 32.
4. script has better dialog
5. omg the pages are actually scripted this time, this is something I need to do more often.

Okay, now that that has been established. I'll be taking down the last two pages from smackjeeves, They will still be on Deviantart of course and 10$ tier patrons on patreon will still have access to the full sized pages and psd's of specific pages on request, the only thing that will change on DA is that I will edit their titles, move them around a bit in the galleries and change the links of page 32 to link to the new page 33 when it is posted. Thanks for reading and sticking with me so far everyone!
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Submitted on
March 25, 2017