Paypal commissions are closed for the semester.
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Published: October 26, 2015
Commissions are currently closed until I get off of school in the summer!

Ref Commissions!

There are currently four types of Refs available!
PMDU NPC Serena. by RymNotrim Informative refs made in Paint Tool Sai, single character only: 25$.
Gordon the Golurk Ref by RymNotrim Painted refs made in Paint Tool Sai, single character only: 25$.
Jason Reference Sheet by RymNotrim Informative refs made in Photoshop, single character only: 25$.
Itvry and reach ref by RymNotrim Simple color refs made in Photoshop: 20$ you can add a character for 5$.
Laurella Ref by RymNotrim 
EXTREME DETAIL REFS! Made using the best of both Photoshop and Sai These Refs display detailed information on your character and all the details of their occasional accessories and items. single character only.: $60

Notice! You will need to provide a detailed description of your character in order for me to draw these, however for an extra 5$ you can take a more active role in describing your character as I will send you a link to a every time I work on your ref, and you can specify your characters features as I draw them, this includes picking colors and providing information on details as I ask for them in real time.


You can choose between 7 options for sketches.
West by RymNotrim Large and messy sketch made in Sai: 5$ +1 to add a character
Laurent by RymNotrim Simple sketchy sketch, Photoshop or Sai: 5$ +2$ to add a character.
Fluffy Wintertime Kisses by RymNotrim Shaded single colored sketches in sai: 8$ +2$ to add a character.
Aria And Laurella by RymNotrim Shaded and colored sketches in Sai: 10$ +2$ to add a character. white or bright colored background only.
Laurellaandmalsketches by RymNotrim(Sample contains both pen and pencil sketches.)
Traditional pencil sketches drawn in a sketchbook, scanned using a scanner: 4$ +1$ to add another character .
Traditional pen sketches drawn in a sketchbook, scanned using a scanner: 4$ +1$ to add a character.
Sneak Peek by RymNotrimTraditional pencil sketches drawn on my math notes: 3$ +1$ to add another character. why would you want this lol.

Shipping and General badges!

3 options available!

le sillynoodle (commission) by RymNotrimSingle character badges, your choice of text: 20$.
ErikaXZeke by RymNotrimTwo characters, your choice of text: 23$, but 20$ if its a shipping badge. ow-
Team Animus (commission) by RymNotrim Three characters (general or team badges) your choice of text: 25$.

Digital arts!

currently there are three options to choose from!
Dungeon Delving Blitz by RymNotrim Small digital arts and portraits : they do not exceed 800x800 pixels and are fully colored and shaded: 25$, +3$ for complex backgrounds and +3$ to add another character
Wugs and co. by RymNotrim Medium digital arts and portraits: usually range between 900x900 to 1000x1000 pixels and are fully colored and shaded: 35$ +4$ for a more complex background and +4$ to add another character
Rainbow punch! (Commission) by RymNotrim Large digital art landscape oriented portraits: 60$: these pictures can be very big, and for a extra 10$ you can have it scaled to be twice the size of your monitor to make the perfect high res desktop background. +5$ for every added character and +5$ for a complex background

What qualifies as a complex background you ask? well I can tell you what doesn't, with no complex backgrounds I can easily put patterns, flat colors, gradients, or textures, behind the characters upon your request or otherwise. so if your character is fighting off robbers in their house or something i might ask that you pay that little extra amount.

Surprise me!

Everyone loves Surprises~!
Basking by RymNotrim So Long As They Don't See (Commission) by RymNotrim Team TnC by RymNotrim This is the kind of commission that offers me the most freedom. If you choose this commission, I will look at your DA and then draw something for you in a possibly experimental style based on what I see and like of your creations. you can make suggestions of course: 25$. 

Important Information! PLEASE READ:

  • Please keep in mind that I may be busy with numerous other projects as well as your commission, be prepared to wait a little bit if necessary,
  • My commissions will not be limited to slots, But if I have too many commissions unfinished I may temporarily close them and deny your commission until later.
  • If I find that i cannot do your commission and you have already paid, I will refund you the amount.
  • If you commission me, you have the option to post it in your gallery and on other social media sites so long as you do not remove my signature, and a link back to me is appreciated, and required if you post it in your gallery. If I so wish, I also reserve the right to display the artwork in my portfolio and/or galleries.
  • You must have a PayPal account to commission me. and you must also read this tumblr post beforehand that specifies how to commission me using paypal.
  • Please note that I will not draw any fetishes or heavy gore.
  • I am most experienced drawing Pokemon. but I can draw anything pretty much. I can't make any promises on the quality of some things like anthro's and humans.
  • I ALWAYS have the right to decline a commission if I do not feel comfortable drawing it.
  • It helps if you have a ref or detailed description of your character you can link me to when commissioning

How to commission me:

Assuming you have read all the important information and chosen a type of commission, you can go ahead and drop me a DA note, (or contact me through Skype if you have me in your contacts.) Tell me what you want and we'll work things out from there!


you can keep track of my progress on commissions below!

there are currently no comissions

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