Graduated College! Life and Comic News Update!
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Published: May 11, 2017
Yesterday was the last day of my college classes, So now I'm pretty much free to pursue my art and comic motivations! there's a bunch of stuff I need to do, especially now that I have plenty of major projects to work on, some of which fall under the scope of PMDLG, others, maybe not so much.


This has been my primary focus for the past year and then some, If I focus on this I will build a buffer before setting up early pages for Patreon followers. Pages will start being posted every Saturday once I get at-least 5 pages of buffer. While the pages will be uploaded 3 days prior on Wednesdays for all Patreon subscribers.

Animated Chapter2: Here is part one.

Chapter 2 will take us to the City planet of Lomtrial where we will follow the life and adventures of Luna and Jason. this chapter has the potential to be fully animated, and whether or not it continues in this animated format and style is up to you people, and will be addressed in a series of polls if it is chosen as my primary focus, (or after Chapter 1 is completed) The alternative to having things animated is converting this part 1 sequence to regular comic format, And being posted as comic pages in the current PMDLG style (or in a different style, but more on that at a later date)

3D animation projects

Here are two animations I did while going to college.

It was incredibly fun to work on them through the semesters and I'd be more than happy to complete the second one, but again I'll leave it up to you guys with a poll. these 3D animations aren't really canon to PMDLG, they are a AU that doesn't tie into the story.

Original stuff and a new Youtube Channel

One of my plans for success involve mastering numerous art programs and becoming some sort of art program guru so to speak, so you'd be seeing stuff from me like: "Top Ten FREE digital art software" or "pros and cons of paint tool Sai" and Tutorials. This would probably take the most amount of work, but I feel like if I work hard enough I could make some quality stuff. And yes, I am very well versed in digital art programs and can go on for hours about some of them. but I would definitely have to have absolutely all of the programs that are out there on my computer, and that costs money. so I will probably save up to make this investment whenever I have a stupid long buffer for PMDLG at the ready. and after doing a shitload of life drawing practice and pumping out some original artworks.


Yup, Commissions, I'll be opening myself up to them when i get the buffer going for comic pages or while working on any of the above projects. I'll figure these out later on and announce when I have slots available.

Welp that's pretty much all I have planned, I will say though that I have a huge backlog of art on me right now, including an Ace q&a that will be posted tomorrow, so I hope you will all look forward to that! feedback on, well, everything i mentioned here would be immensely appreciated! I'll get a poll up and running soon!
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the-b3ingStudent Digital Artist
Hey really cool job on all three of those videos! I think it's a very good and unique directions for you to take!! Keep it up if at all possible.
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Congrats on graduating!
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Wow the animated chapter is awesome i like it. 
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