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Dark Sibling

Malifaux master: Nekima, the nephilim queen of the Neverborn!
This fanart was made for Andre Demings, as a prize of the Malifaux competition.
This is NOT a free art, pls do NOT use it!
Art belongs to © me, character to © Wyrd-Games!
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© 2021 Ryltha
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"FOOLS!" she snarled, the rage blazing in her dark eyes. Her miserable minions cowered in terror as her shadow loomed large in their wretched minds, trembling and pleading for mercy she was incapable of showing. "I suffer you not! Miserable rejects, I curse the day you were spawned, the lot of you do nothing but disappointment day after miserable day, with nothing to show for your efforts save failure and regret! What have you to offer me but your worthless LIVES?! I'd have offed the lot of you in bloody sacrifice eons ago were it not for the fact your pathetic whining and groveling amuse me so!"

"We offer you naught but our most devoted worship, my queen," a sniveling imp murmured only to be blasted into ash by a torrent of hellfire from her fingertips.

"Spare me your mewling platitudes, ungrateful worms!" she roared, her rage literally heating up the room now. "Tonight, for penance, you will storm the very gates of heaven itself!"

"But, but the gates of heaven! They're impregnable!" a whimpering serpent bemoaned, clasping his claws together beseechingly. "Please, mistress of might, spare us this cruelty!" And again, another eruption of flame and ash, leaving naught but a sooty silhouette on the wall.

She held her finger to her lips in a gun shape and blew the smoke off the tip, chuckling wickedly all the while as she gazed upon her wretched warriors. "I know. Now go! And any who return alive can know what awaits you here is nothing compared to what the archangels will do to you!" And laughing ever so spitefully, fire and lightning erupted from her fingertips, scattering the abominations and accursed from her presence. She sighed contentedly as the chamber cleared and plopped down upon her throne of skulls, idly brushing her nails against her chest. "I love my job."

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Your art is so pretty! I love your style! (:
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wonderful work :love:

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Very high quality. Especially the facial expression.

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Gorgeous and freaking awesome!

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Very nice and beautiful work!

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