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Debido ah que el Koffing que hise
hace poco tubo muchas visitas me
dicidi a crear a Weezing, su evolusión
utilizando algunas tecnicas nuevas
espero les guste mi versión de este
pokemon saludos! XD

Koffing: [link]

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The top 4 moves for Janine's Weezing are
1 Thunderbolt
2 Flamethrower
3 Will O Wisp
4 Sludge Bomb
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The cracked, almost mineral-like texture is interesting and makes sense for something made of congealed air pollution!
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thanks for the comment, is very true
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visitas no vicitas

version no vercion.

igual y fue error de dedo, pero es bueno corregir :F
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jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj que Genial, hasta siento que huele mal, te quedó increíble!!!!!
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muchas gracias ^^
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that thing looks so repulsive that its good 0.o
well done! so much detail!!!
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thank you very much for the comment,
you are very kind :B
I like to put way too detail on my works
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no problem ^^
lots of detail is good!
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xD como siempre te la rifas , me encantó el brillo de los ojos ><
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muchas gracias ^-^
ahora toy asiendo un Gastly
que de hecho va ah petición
de Larh y el hara un Totodile
que va a peticion mia xD
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really interesting interpretation!
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woow thank you very much ....
but ... Why?
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because of the skin structure, haven't seen something like this bevore on a pokemon.

I guess it looks more real as anime ;)
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if true, lately I liked it add
too much detail to my ​​illustrations
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i love details- therefore i like this ^^
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Fortunally for us we don't have the odor ^^. Nice work really :D
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