Your favorite character from THE WALKING DEAD
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Philip-The Governor

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Out of these, Daryl. Though really he's a very close second with my favorite being his big bro Merle <3 two years on and I still cry...
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well there was a game of the walking dead, and it had a character named lee and clementine, i liked it because it was better than the show PLUS it was based off the comic
I love daryl and glenn. I will riot if daryl die soon Oops! Rage 
He is loyal and lovable
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yeaah :) i didn't saw this poll before ^^ and now that season 4 has arrived i wanna say : my favorite are Daryl Carol, Glenn & Maggie + Rick of course :) (voted for hot Daryl though)
Michonne just gives me the sense that she's a true hero. Everything she does is for the best and although may seem strange at times, she has taken the most bullcrap than anyone else. She's more than worthy of this title. Plus she's the most powerful character physically and emotionally. Against Daryl, theres always that awkward relationship, but hell both are incredibly remarkable at everything they do. Michonne takes my vote, without a doubt, but Daryl easily beat the rest in 2nd place.
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Michonne is fucking amazing.
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HAHAAAAAAA everyone loves Daryl XDD I've been a fan of Norman reedus since Boondock saints,i just about went nuts when i heard he was going to be on TWD i was like "My two favorite things! Norman and ZOMBIES!" LMAO
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It's between Daryl and Dale :)
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The new dead guy.
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My fave's are Daryl and Michonne, but Hershel has really grown on me too (:
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Who the heck likes the governor?! He's evviiillll D:
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What cuz he's evil means he gets no lovin'? >n>
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He got enough love from Andrea, and look where that got her! ;-;
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Yeah, I guess you're right. Usually the bad guys have at least a little good in them... but NOT THIS GUY. I can't believe it. :( poor poor Andrea, I wish she could have killed him earlier in his sleep, but the pacifist in her was wishing for another way just like me... ;(
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:( Ikr? If she had just killed him when she had the chance, or if Milton hadn't stopped her then it might have all been avoided :(
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Exactly, I wish she didn't have to go that. Way, but to the start of this conversation... lol I didn't even choose Philip, I had actually chosen Michone I LOVE HER.
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[link] -Glenn (also speed drawing)

[link] -rick

[link] -daryl
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They are all so amazing. I mean Philip just adds the umf. xD Michonne, badass. Glenn, skills. Rick, just all over xD Carolyn is a toughie. Maggie, cool. Just keeps going. :[
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ha-ha Daryl suckeerrrr! I think ppl like him now bc ever since Sophia hes still a badass but has that sensitive side :3. But then again I always liked him. Even if he was sort of an ass at one point :iconwuvplz:
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What if I don't watch and/or like Walking Dead?
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!!!SPOILER !! ---------------------------------

R.I.P Andrea :(
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Darryl all the way, but Michonne's awesome and Carl's gotten a lot cooler lately!
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Michonne and Daryl all the way.
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