Commissions 2018 - UPDATE 13.03.2018

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Commission info 2018 - Ryky by ryky



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Hey Ryky, did you per chance see the note that I sent you a few days back about a commission idea. Also your new unicorn looks like the silhouette of the character I made based off the wolf unicorn you made in my last image. Nanna Ylva @OniiChan-XD by Pyssic  
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Your art is so amazing ;o;
Honestly it's really cheap for what it is
aa this is too good :0
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I noted you! When can I expect a reply/ is it possible to change the character in the art before it’s started? 
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i sent you a note :3 
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Big question can these be sent via mail as a print of some kind or is it just a digital thing? I definitely want to send you a note soon and commission you. And your work would look nice on my wall ;3;! Very beautiful artwork definitely now one of my favorite artist <3
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Do extra characters cost extra is Type B? Also, is there a limit to how many characters can be in one commission?
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 Can i ask how much it would be if i didnt want a character included and all i wanted was Landscape designs  of different area's ? [Just scenery pieces]
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If we wanted you to draw an OC would we have to describe the characters features? Or send a photo?
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would asking for a drawing of a character and your choice of background counts I'm horrible at describing things
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so  you want draw a your character with my choice of background? 
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that would be the ideas like I said I'm horrible at describing backgrounds
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Are you comfortable doing commissions for book covers?
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Hey :) yes of course :) 
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Seeing 2D makes me happy and I love your art
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How many characters can we put into a C and would you be comfortable with this kind of anatomy  176 - Pasta by TheKingdomOfGriffia  
(id be asking for two characters)
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in type C is will be the same price for two char.:) and of course :) i will draw anything :) 
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If we just got a C do we qualify?
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Fantastci!Like into the dream!
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Hiya, can I ask how long you think these commissions will be open?
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the commissions are always open :) 
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Really? Ah thank you for letting me know--
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I have a question, if I ask for a commission but the sketch I send you is a view from above, could you still draw it like a normal view? Sorry, my english is veeery bad, but I hope you understood Dx 

If you didn't get it I can send you a sketch of what I mean uwur Thanks<3
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Hey , yes i can :3  
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