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update: 10.30.2018


Hey guys, like i promise, here is a review of new Xp-pen Artist Display 12 Graphic tablet. 

This tablet is smaller than 13,16,22 xp-pen tablets , but this is only a good thing in this case.


The Artist 12 have 6 handy shortcut key. These keys can be customized, you can set up there zoom out, zoom in, edit - undo, rendo. Just whatever you want to make painting more fun, simple and faster.


Resolution of the screen is 1920x1080 HD

178 ° viewing angle

Colors are so vibrant and vidid, awesome to look, i must be honest ,the screen is better than my monitor :D Im really suprised how the color works on such a small screen. But be careful, not small at all! The size of the screen is 256x144mm. Which is enough for display tablet :) . Drawing on display like this is so comfortable, much more comfortable than on big displays.

The hand is not so tired. And im really thankful for that.


Pen has the eraser and right mouse click. The pen looks like a normal  pencil, so its really great to hold. Pen pressure is absolutely AWESOME. 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The strokes are so smooth and clear and you really can control them with hand sensitivity. Just like on paper. Pen have also a great pen holder where are also 8x extra nibs.


Connection for this tablet is really clever and simple,you have just 3 inputs. HDMI, USB and input direct to tablet. And these all in one cable.



Supports Windows® 10/8/7(32/64bit), MAC OS X® 10.10 and higher. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, SAI®, CDR®, and more.


This tablet dont have a stand, but you can buy one also  from xp-pen. They have one and its really perfect for this tablet. So you can buy one too, trust me, its better for your neck :D 

What to say next? I really enjoying painting on this tablet, you can take the tablet where you want, its small like your notebook (laptop). So its portable. Whole tablet looks so cool and clever. And for those who thinking about how much this tablet cost. Its the cheapest professional tablet you can get with screen! The price is only ( around 200 euro). For such a great price you can have a wonderful professional graphic tablet with display.


10%off coupon code: ARTIST1285
Period of validity: 10/10/2018-12/15/2018, useful on

15% off code: ARTIST1285, Period of validity: 10/10/2018-12/15/2018, useful on Amazon store.

(US, CA, AU&UK) 


more info about htis tablet…

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts if you buy one :hug: Have a nice day

My new tablet XP Pen Artist 22E Pro

In case you decided to buy this product  after review
USE code: XPEN22EP AND GET 10% OFF! 
Period of validity: 06/20/2018-9/30/2018
useful on & 

Hey my friends :) long time no see, and whats new? I have new  graphic tablet! And here is a review for you! 

So my new tablet is a graphic tablet with display, the size of the screen is much bigger than my last tablet 16Pro. Size of display area is  476,64x268,11 mm (21.5 inch) which the display resolution is 1920 x 1080. So its really really large!The color gamut is 77% - 82% and viewing angle 178°. I really love how the colors looks like on this display. So bright and nice to watch

The tablet have also the stand, so its really comfortable, the stand its really flexible and dont slip on the table. You can paint with upright head and your neck will not hurt.

I got 2x stylus with the tablet, stylus its a rechargeable pen with 8192 levels of pressure. So the strokes are absolutely perfect. The pen is really nice to hold,and its made from such a great material.

What is absolutely great on this product? The tablet have 16 cutomizable shortcut keys! The setting of them its up to you, instead of ctrl+z you can click on one button. I also have ctrl+c and ctrl+v on these buttons, so i work much quicker than before, really comfortable and helpful! :)

With the tablet you will also get Multi-function pen holder, in one holder is one stylus, extra nibs and also the pen stand.So cool!

Versatility and Compatibility.

Supports Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Os x 10.8.x or later. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Clip Studio, SAI, Zbrush, Medibang Paint, Toonboom Harmony etc. 

For me its a graphic tablet of the future, i dont find anything bad on this product, i have this tablet for two weeks and i am already in love with it!!! Best graphic tablet i ever had. And the price is really  great if you compare it with others tablets from others companies.  If you wanna know more about this product click on this link…


useful on & 

Period of validity: 06/20/2018-9/30/2018
Wesbite store: 

XP Pen 22E Pro by ryky


read how to commission me below 


Type  A: 85 USD- very detailed commission, fully painted  Horizon Beauty by ryky

  B: 95 USD  - ultra detailed commission, mixed media

  In my dream by ryky

  C:  120- 150 with detailed background -    - high quality portrait ,large resolution  Tara one year later by ryky


in A and B i paint  silhouetted, not full black but with shadows and lights for better effect. Normal colorful characters dont fit in my style.

Every + char in these commissions are +15 USD

in type C is every + character +50 USD

Do you want cheaper commission? I also made auctions, if you bid 50USD or more in my auctions on picture you like i will add a silhouette of your character :) 

How to commission me?  1 by ryky2 by ryky3 by ryky4 by ryky5 by ryky

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Omg, zrovna před chvilkou jsem ho okukovala, protože to byl nejlevnější tablet s displejem, na který bych si zvládla našetřit :D :D :D a ty hned vydáš recenzi :D
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no vidis :D to musí být osud :D ale ne vážně, za ty penize je to fakt paráda :)!  takovej  malej zázrak :) 
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....You have no idea how tempting this is, because the art is PHENOMENAL, and being broke is a bit of a loaded gun. XD
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very good work, I hope it is okay I shared it to my fb
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My XP pen artist 22E pro just arrived today and everything is set up and installed, but I have one little issue... The hotkeys on the right side aren't working! I have googled on it but didn't find anything. The left hotkeys works just fine and I set up options for the right too, but it just doesn't work :( 

Did you have the same problem or is it just me who is missing something? :thinking: 
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Hey, where can I go to purchase/browse the texture brushes you use?

Are they .sut or .abr files..?
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Are commissions still open? 
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Hi Ryky I would like to commission you for type A

Foreground: A cloaked figure, back to the viewer holding a guitar.

Background: Fantasy style with a big tree and caves similar to the one in the example. I know this is a strange request but could you draw an massive toaster that the character in the foreground is looking at please? 

Colours: Blue and Pink (red)

Thanks ! So excited to see what you come up with. 

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Hii, are you still doing those, by any chance ?
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still doing promo?
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Please still be doing this on Monday that's when I get paid. XD
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This is really nice work. I hope someday I could afford such a device. Display is beautiful too. I am going to check out your links. Thank you for sharing. 😊 😎
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I recently got an Xp Pen 16 pro. But I'm having trouble setting up the express keys with my art software Krita. Can you please tell me how to set commands like new layer or undo and so on? I've searched everywhere but can't find an answer on how to work the express keys
ryky's avatar
with the drivers you will also get little app , setting of your tablet , you can open it also with your express key , it call (pen tablet)  ,on the bottom you have Express Keys , click on it and set your settings,  if you dont see that, just found something with expres key in this app,  i already have instaled 22e pro, but im sure i found the setting in this app 
yellowpikmin88's avatar
I found the express key button and I've added Krita to that program box at the top so what's next? How do I set the buttons for functions lies zoom in or out or new layer?
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Don't mind if I do... he he.

I've been eyeing XP-PEN for a while, hoping to eventually get one. Reading this might have confirmed my purchase xD
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You mention it's a graphic tablet with display, but it doesn't have a display lol.

Either way, it's neat to see Xp Pen creating a wireless tablet. I have their Xp-Pen 22E display. :)
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i write that my 16 PRO have display :)  deco is wireless but wihtout display , yes their product are awesome 
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Ooh okay. I misunderstood then
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Really appreciate your review, thank you. Planning to switch my old Intuos3 with a display tablet and, since I wasn't planning to go for a Wacom again, I was looking into Huion as my main choice. Great to have another option.
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I recommend xp pen very much :) the 16 Pro is really awesome! I dont find anything bad about it :) im sure you will be happy :3 i dont own any Huion yet, so i dont know their products :) 
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