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type B - 55 $   (most requested) 

type A - 65 $

If you want one send me a note with type of commission and details about your commission.

payment: paypal 

new: After a bad experiences i decide for  Payment in advance!

I still working for commisions for old prices.Please be patient.

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OMG YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I will PM you as soon as I have the funds. I am a writer and I need some art of my fantasy world locations and your style is simply... Stunning!
Wheezing-weaboos's avatar
JessTheFNaFfan's avatar
I want one but I'm broke as biscuits... 
CloudBrush's avatar
I'm more broken than the YouTube comment section.
JessTheFNaFfan's avatar
I'm more broken than my life... wait that doesn't work
Bantov's avatar
What program do you use to do these?
Riipurr's avatar
Do you have a list of your commission terms of service or a sort of rules?
Mambezi's avatar
woah man, you're definitely overworking. I would change type B to at least $ 120.
TheQuietCorvid's avatar
Just out of curiosity, your recently posted 'World of Miracle" would be a type B commission if I'm correct? Planning on commissioning you, and I just need to know that I'm thinking of the right thing x'D
Darklight-phoenix's avatar
Wow!! Do you do fanart?
babyknuckls's avatar
Do you draw horses??
shiiokaraii's avatar
do you take the whole payment beforehand or do you take half/25%/etc??
NunChops's avatar
I'll commission if you can do my OC Anthro character.
Phoenix-Wing-Art's avatar
Do you accept points, or only money?
LimeeLighting's avatar
You have some of the most beautiful art, I've seen in my life
Gaburrido's avatar
Oh man, i will be back to order soon <3 i lovely these, and my OC would work great in type A & B <3
PindragonDesigns's avatar
I noted you on a different but still similar request.
RhowynTheRonin's avatar
I sent you a note about a commission a couple days ago and haven't heard anything back. Should I resend it or just be patient? lol
Snowflower--Chan00's avatar
Hmm, I am low on money now, but later I am thinking of wanting to commission you. For an OC portrait. 
Sorry I just scrolled down on your post and saw your instructions to send you a note.
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