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landscape and scenery 40 USD

Canal City by ryky Merry Christmas my friends! by ryky 20 min work by ryky Winter  lights by ryky

portraits 40 USD

Upside down by ryky Mitsu by ryky

full picture 60 USD

Island by ryky
Friendship by ryky Our Secret Place by ryky The Magic In The Forest by ryky


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I wuold like to request a landscape commision if you can
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I will need (want xD ) to order something, but it won't be before a few months (2-4),
my own work has to come to to a further stadium first.

I have a pretty clear idea in mind, regarding the landscape and characters and some details on it.

I just wanted to say it, before you close your commissions. Please leave a small bit of motivation for me :D Thanks!

Best regards from Germany!

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I'd like to be put on the list for 2 landscapes and 1 portrait! =D
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That will be your biggest mistake. Read this.
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What was that?
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Oh my god it's 2D! We are friends now
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How much do you charge?
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the price is on the entry .-.
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Woah amazing, hope your work pays off.
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Just sent you a note <3
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by the way, the drawings looks nice :c I'd really like to commission you but I can't xwx
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You did a beautiful portrait for me some time ago... but it was in a different style than the examples you have above.  I am so in love with the two examples you have up there ^

especially Upside Down -…

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Wow beautiful display
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Some time ago one of your beautiful drawings were on the front page. Since then I'm in love with your art. 
Thanks for inviting us in such breath taking and stunning sceneries. I just get lost, while looking at them. 

Also I just wanted to say, they are pretty cheap, since they are absolutely well done. 
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Nuuuu, I recently lost my job so I have no money to commission, gotta wait til I ship off to BMT for the airforce this summer :c
By the way, for future reference (whenever I could commission some of this amazing art), would it be a viable option to have two characters in the same fully done scene/background (Or just the two characters in the same portrait)? If so how much would that be?

*I ask because i'm trying to write a novel and when I see the stuff I have commissioned for in regards to its characters, it motivates me to keep working toward that end goal*


Thanks in advance,

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what is USD? Is it money or points? Or is it something else?
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USD stands for US Dollars, its money
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Um, im poor as heck so ill have to turn down this offer XD
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Oh my, you are one of those artists that I just cannot pass by if you toss out this offer.
I would really much love to get a portrait of my doll character if a photo can be used as reference?
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those are great prices! but.. unfortunately I'm a poor uni student, hopefully I can afford one next time
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I wish I had money... I love the art. Honestly would love a printed peice as a poster/whatever.
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I want one..but i dont have money <.< Sweating a little... 
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