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eyeball tutorial



done in Paint tool SAI
my others pictures and tutorials -
Grace by ryky eye tutorial by ryky I see world in the fire by ryky

Thank you very much :hug:

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I have never knew at what step I should add the internal lines begining from the iris (before or after adding dark or light blury brush) and now I know thanks to you :)
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You're eyes look so cool. I love the colours you use, too.
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thank u
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Thank you very much for this.
This is gold for practice
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The colored layer is in "multiply" mode?
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These tutorials are so cool :)
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How are you adding those eyelash reflections? Do you add the shine in one layer and then erase it to create the eyelashes?
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Wow, those last few steps really add dimension to the eye. Did you overlay the colour on a new layer, or directly on that layer? (Sorry I only work in PS so I don't know how SAI works)
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thank you so much for this amazing tutorial <3
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I love your tutorials so much! I tried this one out <u><b><a href="…">here</a></b></u> if you wanna see :3
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I have fallen in love with your tutorials. They help a lot. Especially the hair tutorials.
ReplayyalpeR's avatar
That looks so awesome man *~*
Ive tried myself not as good as yours but I will try hard ;D
Hope its ok that I linked you ;D 
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Holy damn that is sooo awesome!
This should help me so much with eyes. <3
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You make it seem so simple :D
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Thanks its so beautiful :3
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Hezké. A můžu se tě zeptat, jak jsi to v posledním kroku obarvil? :)
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so beautiful ~ I like your style~
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what layer did you erase on for step 9??
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Simply use a new layer on top of all others then make a solid white blob around the size and shape you require and with a fine brush eraser draw the lash details :)
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