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eye tutorial



eye tutorial

in SAI

:hug: Thank you

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Cool totorial, thank you!
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hi there, can you please message me in private on how to make a long page tutorial ? thanks alot
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Paint Tool SAI.

Very good painting software.
GrahamSandwich's avatar
you make it look so easy ;-; 
kackalina's avatar
Thank you :)! Took this tutorial, it was much fun :D…
pinkjinmayfan's avatar
i can't believe i've been watching your tutorials for year and only now i noticed you give them texture before doing the iris >.<
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Shiny.  Much shiny.  Wow.Doge 
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Why is this triggering my trypophobia...
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Nice tutorial! manga eyes are my weakness, in the sense I am not very able to draw them through I am very inspired by them
TheWolfCrest's avatar
Love it but could you explain exactly what steps to take to give the glow in the eyes?
ThisIsEDO's avatar
Thx a lot it can help me a lot. I am a noob to make eyes. 
x-Zylk-x's avatar
very beautiful eye coloring
LadyShallandra's avatar
its so pretty and shiny and helpful :3
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this is cool ! :D
lillywintersIV's avatar
Lovely. Thank you very much :)
False-Virtue's avatar
What sort of brush do you use?
Nimkish's avatar
Beautiful tutorial. Thanks!
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