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eye step by step

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Omfggggg!!!!!! <3333333
dinalaith1's avatar
I love ur eyes drawings
3constellations's avatar
what's your smocess from the top line to the second?
it's beautiful.
3constellations's avatar
(I think I meant what tool settings do you use). hahaha.
CyrionDevi's avatar
love these eyes.
chocokoneko's avatar
This is so beautiful! I love this tutorial!
YunYunCat's avatar
that is so amazing, I think the most interesting part is how each step is so pretty that you could end at any of them and it be amazing, I mean just wow
doodlesz808's avatar
Did you lower the opacity for the lines? The lines don't look harsh whatsoever :o (Eek) 
AdamGardnerArt's avatar
Hey the detail on the eye, as well as the eye lashes, looks good. Thanks for this tutorial.
dreamworks23m's avatar
LadyoftheApocalypse's avatar
Very, very nice! Thank you!
CommanderHomo's avatar
love how it always turns into a majestic drawing
from just mere sketch <333 ;
rcatstott's avatar
this was amazing =D
No-Cool-Artist-Name's avatar
Eyes are the gateway.(Thumbs Up)
scilla1993's avatar
i love the way how you draw eyes,it's so perfect :D
DreamiiSheep's avatar
i Know this is probly a dumb Q? but-how do u get photoshop
DreamiiSheep's avatar
XDD It's kool , But yee Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1].. I cant afford this onion sad   Lol But Thankie's fer u'r reply !!~ kaomoji set 1 7/19  <333
COLOR141414's avatar
You could always get the free trial version^^I'm using it and i think it'll be enough to create those eyes!…
DeathbyPixels13's avatar
It's just a download off the Adobe website. And... There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. ^^
DreamiiSheep's avatar
Kk thankie's a Bunch !~ >w<//
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