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XP- Pen Artist Display 24 Pro/ REVIEW

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Greattt!!! I like both the colour and design <3

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Very beautiful

beautiful drawing

Bro this looks amazing! its great on my desktop!

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This is mazing! <3 Your use of color and saturation is amazing!

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great but theres a red line on the right edge of screen

Asombroso... O.O

Kailonrood's avatar

I'm eerily wondering how many hours did the author spend on work? It's fine!

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Love the coloring in this 🤩
LovelyRedPandas3's avatar
I love this, reminds me of home <33333

I Love your work

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this is beautiful!!

thank you for sharing your opinion on this tablet. That's a big tablet! My cousin gave me her Huion Kamvas GT191 display screen tablet, as it wasn't what she was looking for. The thing is way bigger than I am used to for tablets. It's about the same size as my 22" desktop monitor. Though the thing I am not liking on it, is that there are so many cords that have to be plugged in. Ok not so many, but there are 4 different cords that have to be plugged in ( 3 if you use a laptop ). So used to my Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, way smaller and only one cord LOL. Course I am not very good with art/drawing, but I like doing it. Thank you again for sharing your art and your review on the XP-Pen tablet. :heart:

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It's so beautiful...the sky, the dragon, the flowers around them and the nature....and the fox and the person look great too! Great silhouettes!
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Interesting the appearance of the assian dragon when Raya and the Last Dragon is just around the corner...

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This is insanely cool!

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So pretty!

May I ask about how long you spent on this beautiful piece? ^^

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This is insane. Great job!

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Thank you for sharing your review on these, I've been trying to find an alternative to a cintiq for some time since my old bamboo is... Very old and Very Dying and I wanna upgrade. I can't afford this particular version, but I found one of XP's smaller displays and am strongly considering grabbing it.

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